So many similarities

now who says dogs & cats can’t live together? And now we all know how the term “copycat” came about.


New Dehydrator – SEDONA

Some weeks back, Mummy bought a new dehydrator.

She wanted to dump away the old one but a lady wanted it. The old one had served us well but it was emitting lots of black stuff which Mummy couldn’t get rid of & they kept getting onto our treats!

Having researched online for several dehydrators, Mummy settled for SEDONA!

DSC_0516 (721x800)

It was a close fight between this one & Excalibur. Mummy loved that it looks so much like an oven. HAHA. And the size is really huge. That is the downside as well. The kitchen cabinet ain’t very big so this took up quite abit of space.

Here’s a look at our treats being dehydrated in process:

DSC_0517 (800x579)

DSC_0518 (450x800)

and the end products in Mason Jars!

DSC_0520 (1) (800x787)

Here are her views on the new machine:


– It’s BPA free

– there’s a timer feature so Mummy need not set her alarm just to turn the machine off

– there’s also a temperature setting which allows Mummy to set the temp preferred

– more trays means can dehydrate more! previous machine only had 5. this one has 9!


– very very expensive at $699

– large : so it took up alot of space on our very humble size kitchen top

– Mummy totally hates the washing. the amount of time is almost double because she has to wash both the trays & plastic meshes. She can’t place the meats on the trays because of its design (huge gaps)

– because it has a temperature setting, Mummy had 2 not so successful attempts at setting the correct temp & timing to dehydrate our meats properly

Well, hopefully, it will improve along the way!

Our walks..the pleasant & not so pleasant experiences

We rely on our walks heavily for exercise, and to keep ourselves lean & fit.

Mummy doesn’t walk us everyday, but she made it a point to walk us about 5 – 6 days a week, & each walk lasting an hour.

But sometimes, the rain spoils our regime because there is only 1 available slot on weekdays which Mummy can walk us, which is evening! Once she knocks off from work, she’ll return home, take a short break of about 15minutes, and off we go. There were a few times we got caught in the rain & we had to walk under the void deck. These are the not so pleasant times because for one, Baubles loves to mark & Mummy has to keep stopping him from marking at the void decks, and also, our paws will be soaked & we do have to end up in the shower at times.

Over the past 6 years, we shifted places 3 times. So far, Mummy much prefers walking us in this current neighbourhood best, because we get to walk alternate/different routes. During our walks, we tend to meet people, dogs & cats – and the unseen.

We tend to overreact when we see dogs & cats & this is something Mummy totally dreads, because we will both pull really hard at our leashes &¬†Mummy has to restrain us. People who do not know us would have misunderstood us as aggressive. Seriously, we are just curious & really excited & want to go over & say hi. Even for the cats. Naturally, the neighbourhood cats do not welcome the idea of having 2 barking dogs go close to them. There were several times our barks scared the wits out of them & Mummy feared for their safety as they tend to dash across the road, amidst passing vehicles. Mummy witnessed one black cat being ran over by a car but the cat could still run. Strange. But mummy teared & scolded us for scaring the cats ūüė¶

And then, there are the people. Mum is pleased that there are quite a number of people in this neighbourhood that love dogs. Some will stop & say hello & sayang us. Some will gushed & commented how cute we are. And then, there is a minority who fear us & freeze or stand aside to let us pass. And on past 2 occasions, 1 kid attempted to throw a shoe at us while another attempted to kick us. For the one that attempted to throw a shoe at us, he was stopped by his dad, who told him he cannot do such a thing. For this, Mum decided to let it go. For the other which happened recently, the kid pissed off Mum BIG time. He was riding his tricycle with his little bro, with their grandma in tow. As the pavement was narrow, Mummy led us to the grass area to let them pass first. While riding past us, the boy attempted to kick Coffee. Fortunately, he missed. Even then, Mummy was extremely displeased & told the boy off. She went on to reprimand the grandma. Adults really need to teach the children properly. You may dislike us, but don’t abuse or bully us. Just leave us be, as we will too. For such young kids to display such abusive behaviour, who knows what they may do when they grow older.

And of course, we tend to see things that Mummy don’t. We stop at our tracks at random times, appearing to have something blocking our paths. Mummy figured that “something” is blocking us so she will either lead us away or carry us. It does happen.

But of course, we both love our walks.

DSC_0746 (613x800)

cat litter & box

haru had her litter & box changed several times. there seems to be a stubborn streak in this little kitty as she will always insist on using the “old one”.

in fact, when haru came to our home, she was peeing & pooping everywhere in the house. yes, everywhere. mummy could find & smell pee on her clothes, boxes, sofa & bed. she tends to poop only on boxes. haru was, well, not like any other cats: it took her about 2 weeks to learn to pee/poop into the litter box. 

mum then realised that is is always a huge challenge to get haru to pee/poo into a new litter box. she started with the open type (no cover) & had to elevate it, for fear that we will go sniff or eat her, erm, outputs. and she used the pine pellets. it was a huge mistake to use pine pellets in a no cover litter box as it was sandy when wet & created a mess when she digs & kicks. and worse, haru LOVES playing with the pine pellets. yes, you read it right. this girl will pick up the pellet with her mouth & start throwing & pushing it around.and this drove the mom crazy.

when mom tried to change to a box with a cover, haru refused to use it & will look around the house for the old box & chose to pee/poo in it, even when there wasn’t any litter.

AND, even when the mom changed it back to the old type of box (no cover) but a DIFFERENT box (it was a red one then mom changed it to a black), haru refused to do her business in there. OMG.

and we all wonder why.seriously, we have no issue with mom changing our pee trays. so when haru finally acknowledged that she had to pee/poo into the new box, mom was finally relieved & resolved not to change it, unless it’s really worn out.

well, as for pee pellets, mom switched it to the paper type & she personally preferred it. haru had no problem adapting to the change in pellets, as mom did a gradual change by mixing the old & the new. 

she had always wanted the eco-friendly & non-toxic type of pellets for haru & she had been using BreederCelect Cat litter. Recently she found there is a ink free type of litter & she bought 2 big bags. fortunately, haru had no issue using it.

the colors of the breedercelect & the new one are different:


grey Рbreederscelect. brown Рtom & pus 


mommy prefers the tom & pus as it’s ink free. both are made from recycled papers. price wise, tom & pus is slightly more expensive & currently not many shops sell it. as it’s heavy, mommy always tries to get it online & she finally found an online pet shop that sells it.

their delivery was really fast & they even delivered it to her at 11plus at night – despite mom telling them to leave it at the door step as she won’t be home till later. great service. & the bags were delivered by a father & primary school daughter (she thinks so la). the little girl wanted to play with us but got scared by coffee who gave a sudden shriek (she does it when she’s excited) & she doesn’t know this scares people. LOL

and the best part was, she received an email from the pet store asking if she needed a reminder to purchase the next batch of litter. INDEED she needs! mom tends to forget!

so for those wanting to or interested to buy pet stuff online, do check out Pet Goodies!

PS: this is not an advertisement for them. just purely a review on their service as it was mom’s first purchase with them.

the common reasons for giving up their animal

these are the most popular reasons for giving up their animals (in no particular order):

1) I’m moving to a smaller house

2) i’m having a baby

3) my kid/a family member is allergic

4) i’m relocating to another country

5) i’m divorcing

6) no time

7) the animal smells

8) the animal is sick

9) the animal is aggressive

10) i’m getting married

the list goes on..

these are but, excuses. but like what mom always says, if the human has made up the mind to give up the animal,no amount of persuasion can change the mind. no amount of words can reverse the situation.

mom has gone through a few of the above with us: we shifted house 3 times. baubles fell very sick few times, he sometimes stinks due to his skin issues. mom works very long hours. and mom went through a divorce.

but we are still with her. mom said these to us before “i won’t give u up, because u have never given up on me. i’ve gone through the worst times but not a single time, did any one of you give up on me. so why should i? let us walk this journey together, be it good or bad times.”


curious about the supplements we are currently given? here’s the picture. before you start freaking out, not all of them are given at the same time. some are being alternated.¬†

Sun Is Shining (top left): superfood. actually this is mom’s fav as it contains Plenty of stuff. It’s vegan & non-GMO certified. alternate with green mush.

Green Mush (bottom left): this is for animals only. 

Bilberry Extract (top middle): this is for our eyes. not the best & mom’s still searching but will make do for now.

Greenmin for Cats (centre, middle): for haru only!

Greenmin & Soulfood (bottom, middle) : for us! given to us daily.

SP Ocu (top right): also for eyes. 

Omega (bottom right): for all 3 of us. this is the human version.

with the exception of green mush, greenmin & soulfood,all the supplements are bought from human pharmaceutical stores. mom doesn’t quite like supplements for animals only as there’s no authority that governs the production of products for us. actually, those 3 supplements, although they are made for animals, mom was reading that humans can eat them too. so they are of human grade as well!

zoom groom brush

the holistic vet recommended that i get the zoom groom brush. so i went to get one, after reading up on the following benefits:

– it stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and a healthy coat

– massages while you brush

baub & coff love it. they gave me that shiok look when i use it to brush their backs. it isn’t harsh on them nor it hurts because i tried it on myself too. LOL

here’s how the brush looks like:


you might wish to watch the video introducing the zoom groom brush.

happy brushing!

Coffee’s ears

Coffee suffered from ear problems since she was as young as 8 months old. Till now.

Yes, till now.


– itchy ears (but no discharge nor smell)

– her ears will flare up in a fiery red

– she will itch so much that she shakes her head continuously for 15minutes

– she will scratch till they bled

– she suffered from severe fur loss on her ears due to the incessant scratching

– her ears act up very randomly & sometimes, rather frequently (once or twice a week)

Рher ear flaps (internal) were swollen, red & black

I’ve brought her to not one, but several vets (and one of them is the famous Dr Lye). What the vets gave:

– steroids & more steroids

One vet said that Coffee can be allergic to anything. ANYTHING. As to what, it’s a wild guess. He said the only medicine to prescribe is, yes, steroids. To me, he admitted that these medicines are damaging to the organs in the long term but he prescribe them anyway, because owners want instant solutions.

These are his exact words which I remember up till now.

Another vet spent 1.5 hour lecturing me on the severity (he said Coffee might become DEAF) if I do not do anything about Coffee’s ears & went on to illustrate the ear structure on a white board. Yes, he drew it out for me. He ended up prescribing, yes, steroids again. And a supplement to support the liver.

As for Dr Lye, he told me to feed Coffee PORK only throughout her entire life & said that it could be due to her hormonal loss that triggered off her ear problem. And went on to prescribe this special cream which contains YAM, and steroids.

As you can see from the above, ALL the vets gave no solution but steroids.

Do I look stupid to them? As much as I want Coffee’s ears to heal, I do not want to risk damaging her organs either, as that will KILL HER.

I tried hard to read up on ear problems & solutions but none worked. I tried to find out what she was allergic to & figured out it was beef, as it often triggered off horrendous effects after she was fed beef.

Until about 6 months ago, I chanced upon Dr Dobias & found out a possible remedy for her ears. It was a natural & safe remedy with no side effects. It was purely through the use of supplements & a bottle of ear wash.

After about 2 months, I saw results. The results were amazing & perhaps, miraculous. I was asked by Dr Dobias to refrain from feeding beef to the dogs & he explained to me why. I went on to google & realised that it was also one of the reasons¬†that caused Coffee’s ears to flare up.

The blackness have decreased & swellness have gone down. The fur on her ears have grown back beautifully. She didn’t have any flare ups for the past few months.I am very happy.

I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures of her ear¬†(internal) but I have a before & after pictures of her external ears, which show clearly the fur growth.


see the pink arrow pointing at the furless parts of her ear? Both ears looked like this for more than a year.

And see the recent picture which I took today.


Never give up on finding natural remedies for your furry ones. I know it’s painful to watch them in pain. I know the feeling. And I know most people want to see instant results. But patience & persistence do pay off at times. Mine took 6 years. Throughout this 6 years, Coffee had suffered alot but I really do not want to see the side effects of steroids take a toll on her health, just because of that instant results, which Vet cannot promised it will cure, but simply to temporarily remove the problem. Yes,you read it right, steroids were only a temporary solution. Why settle for a temporary cure & risk getting your dog sick later on?

And no, Coffee isn’t on a pork only diet. She eats a good variety of lamb, venison & chicken.


New Zealand Venison

Mummy found a new supplier for Venison!

There were a few times we had diarrhea when we ate venison from elsewhere (shall not name them here as we don’t know if the fault lies in the meat or our tummy).

Mummy was so happy to find chilled NZ Venison at reasonable prices! But the disappointing part was, there were limited cuts available so she had to settle only for one cut. She was told she needed to wait 2 months for the next shipment! So! she went ahead & purchased 3.5kg worth, hoping that we will do fine on it.

HOORAY! it passed the test!

We like that the venison are:

– 100% grass-fed on free-range pastures
–¬†stress free
Рfarmed as small herds in large pastures
– antibiotics & hormones free

And indeed, the texture of the meats is really smooth & tender!