>Another Doggy Visitor


We had another visitor today.
Sigh. Why does mum keep bringing these dogs into our house? Is she tired of us already? Doesn’t she know that we don’t really like the idea of having a 3rd dog in the house & having to fight with him/her for attention?!


And this visitor looks weird. His body so long, legs so short. Maybe that’s why he’s called Nike. His body looks like Nike’s logo. *Heeee. Goofy Smile.*

We were both hoping he won’t be here for too long & yes! Just one day at our house, mum decided not to have him around. Because Nike pees & marks the house & he’s very noisy too! And he mounts on the 2 of us!I guess after having such good & obedient dogs like us, mum is having difficulty taking of dogs not at our level. Bye bye Nike. You can drop by for visits but no stays please.



>We had a visitor today.

And we didn’t really like him. Look, this is OUR house, why is this black little fella running around the house as if it belongs to him?


And he was so rude. Kept jumping on us & even attempted to mount on us even.Mum kept pulling him away & scolding him, sending shivers down our spine. To our horror, we realised that he wasn’t going to be there like just a while! He’s staying with us for 2 whole weeks because his master is going to HK and our dearest mum has agreed to take care of him!


If he’s a good boy, seriously, we don’t really mind. We hate it that he plays rough & pees all over the floor. He soiled our sofa bed & bed which we always sleep on.

And he’s super noisy. We need our peace & quiet back.I really wonder what made mum decide to take him in. Does she miss our puppyhood? No doubt we are into our adulthood already but we can still behave like puppies if she asked!

This black little fella is only 3 months old & he’s getting too much attention from mum. We are secretly hoping he be gone soon. 2 weeks. Is a long time to us.See how black he is.

Can hardly see his eyes. Heard my mum calling him Kuro. Which means black in japanese.

Orh Lu Lu one.