Comprehensive Health Check

Mom sent us both the Seniors for our comprehensive Health Check. We missed one last year.

The health check includes:
Complete Blood Count

Blood Chemistry

Blood Pressure



Here’s them waiting at the vet

a very worried looking coffee. she hates vet visits. always super nervous & tries to get out.

scared coff

baubles couldn’t care less so long as i’m with him. he’s more interested in what’s going on outside.

cant be bothered baub

Baubs’ Blood Tests Results – Slightly elevated BUN is due to dehydration as they just went for their walks before heading to the vet

baub cbcbaub chem

Coffee’s Blood Tests Results

  • Slightly elevated BUN is due to dehydration as they just went for their walks before heading to the vet
  • Slightly elevated EOS – well coffee has a terrible habit of picking up things from the floor so she could have ingested stuff.

coff chemcoff cbc

Urinalysis – concentration was normal. X-rays were normal.

Dental condition – excellent. Vet was surprised with their teeth despite their age (both are 8 years old) & thought they had gone for dental scaling. Never did. And I don’t brush their teeth either.

Mom’s overall very pleased with their health checks. For the skeptics, these results have proven that RAW IS THE BEST DIET FOR THE K9. Not commercial raw but HOME MADE RAW.


A vet visit after (almost) 2 years

Mom brought the 3 of us to the vet today.

And it’s another new vet. Funny why Mom keeps changing vets like changing clothes. TSK.

And no, there really isn’t anything wrong with us. Mom can’t understand why there must be ‘something wrong’ then it warrants for a vet visit.

We missed our annual blood test last year so Mummy ensured that all 3 of us go for it this year. Haru never had any blood tests so Mum decided that she should just go for FIV & FELV tests. She’ll find out more about the type of blood tests available for felines next time.

Well unfortunately, the blood tests ain’t ready for collection so Mommy will have to follow up with the clinic the next day.

Another thing Mom dreads bringing us to the vet is (just like how we all dread going to the vet too), the vet will start to psycho Mom into the conventional methods which Mom TOTALLY hates.

As expected, when the vet saw Baubles’ skin (which is considerably ok compared to some other really bad days), again, the vet kept persuading & tried to convince Mom to give him doses of antibiotics, saying that it worked for other dogs.

And he went on & on for a few minutes. Fortunately Mommy has learnt the art of tolerance & she politely declined many times, despite him trying to sell the use of antibiotics like a typical salesman.

That’s why Mom hates going to the vet.

And when the receptionist overheard Mom’s conversation with Uncle Lawrence about weighing our foods, she asked why Mom needed to weigh the food & if Baubles was diabetic.


Again, Mom politely explained that we are all on raw foods that’s why she needed to weigh the foods.

Honestly, Mom wasn’t expecting any difference in terms of ‘experience’ when it comes to visiting the vets. She already knew all vets in SG behave in the same way – the same selling technique, the conventional treatment methods. Yawnz. It’s precisely this repetitive pattern that causes Mom to dread bringing us to the vet.

Oh well. In the meantime, we hope our results turn out fine.

*keeps paws crossed*

Blepharitis II

As a continuation from the last post on Blepharitis, Baubles’ condition came back, and this time it got worse. Both eyelids got infected

Both his eyes were bloodshot (pink eye) & he scratched till the eyelids bled.

This time, Mummy decided to send him to vet, to find out what was wrong. It was after 2 months (or maybe more), Mum resorted to vet visit, something that she dreaded.

We went to ARVC & we were behaving like siao gao. Mummy guessed we didn’t know we were there to see the animal doctor. Baubles was so excited on seeing other dogs & wanted to go over & say hello. Mummy commented that all the dogs look so quiet & asked that we behaved like patients since we were there to see the doctor. -___-|||

Baubles was seen by Dr Eugene Lin, the same vet who treated his suspected tick fever condition. They took Baubles’ weight & he had put on 1kg, since his last visit to this vet in 2009. He’s now 8.2kg. Vet said it was fine. Mummy took my weight too for the fun of it, as she commented that my waistline was missing. Surprisingly, I  put on a mere 200gm only & I weighed 5.6kg.

Vet took a skin scrap test on both his eyes & checked for parasites. Nothing found. In fact, nothing unusual found. Mummy was thinking even if there was parasites, they could have already been killed by the silver. He went on check to ensure that his corneas were fine.

Mummy went on to ask what was wrong & again, vet couldn’t pin point the exact cause. As usual. Daddy said it’s common as vets can only do a prognosis & quoted an example of a human having diarrhea & doctor can only guess that it could be food poisoning. However, it could be other factors like gastric flu or parasites.

Mummy asked the vet if his condition was called Blepharitis. The vet looked surprised & said yes, and went to ask Mum how she knew. Mummy admitted that she did some research online. Mummy merely wanted a confirmation that his condition was indeed Blepharitis.

Vet went on to flush his eyes with saline & injected him with antibiotics & steroids. This is something Mum totally hates.

But having read up on several natural / holistic sites, they did mention that if all else fails, steroids/antibiotics will be the last resort.

Mummy had exhausted everything. She had googled up on Blepharitis & all the natural remedies on the sites have been tried & tested by her. In fact all mentioned that the natural remedies should work within a couple of weeks if not, a vet visit is a must.

And she didn’t want to risk losing Baubles’ eye sight.

(Mummy: There is indeed not much information on Blepharitis online. I wonder how I’m going to do this. Sigh.)

Past few months had been quite an ordeal. I hope Baubles’ recover soon as Mummy had been paying too much attention on him again!

>Annual Blood Test

>Mummy sent the 2 of us to the dreaded vet again.


She wanted us to have the yearly blood test & we waited 3 hours before the results were out. We fell asleep in the car.

The results were ok. There were some highs, some lows for Baubles BUT they are all linked to the same thing – not drinking enough water (AGAIN).

For me, my results were better but ALT is on the high side, which could be linked to my ear problem. So mum needs to monitor that.

Everything else is good.

Oh, and Baubles’ thyroid level went up to the normal level, without the use of pills given by vet. Strange huh?

>Blood tests!

>We were both horrified when pawrents brought us to the vet on sat.


Coffee was whining and running around the clinic while we were waiting for our turn. Yes, we both know that we are here to see the dreaded animal doctor.

After waiting for like 15 mins, we were brought into the consultation room. We were seen by Dr Tham.

Some exchange of conversations between mum & doctor mostly.

Next thing we knew, they started drawing blood from our neck!


Apparently, mum wanted us to take the yearly health check & to test our blood for blood count & to make sure our organs were functioning right. And Dr Tham saw my bumps and suggested we take the thyroid test, as he suspected i could be suffering from hypothyroidism.

Well, our test results were ready after 30 minutes.

While waiting, I was barking furiously at this cat who faced his butt at me & sat on top of the counter. grrrrr. so darn rude can! and i wanted to play with the JRT but he didn’t seem too friendly either. so me & coffee were running & exploring around the clinic & checking out the rooms.

Mum went -_-“

tada! here’s our results!

well, all’s good except for our BUN & my thyroid. vet suspected we were not drinking enough water OOOPS….and my thyroid’s abit low so vet gave some thyroid pills. but mum decided to hold back on the pills first & wanted to do alittle more research on other possible supps for my thyroid condition.

mum was raving about this vet! she said he’s the first vet who checked our tongues to see if we are heaty & suspected that we may have thyroid problems.

strange strange strange. we think this is the 7th vet we have been to but he’s the first that mentioned to us about thyroid issues, which coincidentally, it’s a common problem among canines!

vet fees total to ..err..a sum which way exceeded what mum expected. we can feel mum’s shock. HAHAHAHAH and she was grumbling that..who ever said keeping dogs are cheap.

ooops..we hope she doesn’t cut back on our food!!

>to the vet

>pawrents brought us to the most dreaded place today.


not long after we reached there, a man carried me (baubles) and took me away from my pawrents. do you know how scared i was?!!!!

they drew my blood again. 😦

when i finally returned to my pawrents, i hid under the chair. yes, i am that timid. i only came out on seeing other dogs but mum wouldn’t let me go to other dogs. well, we are at the vet where only sick animals go to, usually. for me, i went there for my review apparently. vet was pleased with my blood results and said it’s very good. told my mum to stop feeding me iron or liver as my rbc was above average.

ya, i am weird, i know it. from 30 odd %, it should to 60 odd %. think mum feels really clueless as to what exactly is going on in our bodies.

mum insisted to dad she didn’t feed much except for the liver treats. i think she’s not going to make liver treats for us for the time being!


>Vets in Singapore

>Mum has been reading pets forums & she noticed there were & still are many unhappiness & complaints about vets in Singapore.

Many of them don’t seem to be doing a good job in helping owners to give their pets the correct diagnose & treatment.

We also do not understand why. We may be animals but we don’t have a very long life. So surely, we need good medical support to help us live a more healthy & prolonged life whenever possible.


Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Mum saw that there were alot of mis-diagnosis by vets, and many owners had to keep bringing their pets to other vets for 2nd, 3rd or even 4th opinions.

And unfortunately for us, the same thing happened.


Let’s start off with me, Coffee.

My ears broke out in terrible rashes few months back. Before that, I already had these rashes on & off but they were still within control. Mum had actually brought me to 2 different vets for the same problem. Both brushed it off and said, it’s an environmental allergy & simply prescribed cream & medicine to ease the itch. Each time the rashes came back, the vet just prescribed the same thing.

It was early this year, the rashes broke out again & this time it got worse. I was scratching so badly my ear swelled & had alittle of bleeding caused by my scratching. Mum decided to give up on the other 2 vets & brought me to another one & this one is VERY EXPENSIVE. According to Mum, she spent almost $200 just to treat my ears.

But she saw improvement & the problem cleared within a month. When Mum brought me back to the vet for review, the vet was also pleased that my condition has cleared up. So what did this vet prescribed. Easy. He just prescribed a cream & advised Mum to put me on a single protein diet. He said the proteins are the cause!

It’s been at least 3 or 4 months & my condition is stable. No redness no itch. Vet told Mum to stick to that diet else the problem is going come back. Well Mum didn’t quite heed Vet’s advices totally. She still gave me a variety of proteins but in moderation. She used to be super kiasu & gave me all sorts of protein meats every day. But after sticking closely to what Vet has recommended, with some other meats included in moderation occasionally, Mum noticed my condition remains clear.

Unfortunately, currently I still have this problem with my snout. Again Mum has seen 3 different vets & they have differing views. 2 said it’s yeast, another 1 said it’s eczema. She wondered which exactly it was. She has decided to bring me to another vet for yet another opinion in a month’s time or so once the tick problems have cleared up.

Now it’s my turn, the little prince & baby of this family.

Think I have to repeat myself that from young, I have been a weak pup who gets sick once every few months. I’m always having flu & there was once, I was so sick I diarrhea-ed BLOOD.

No, it’s not stools with blood. It’s all blood. Vet only said it’s bacterial infection & prescribed antibiotics. The problem did clear up, fortunately.

As for the flu, hmmm. Within a year, I caught flu like 3 or 4 months. And sometimes, I had breathing difficulties. To Mum, that’s not quite normal. She again sent me to 2 different vets but both said I might have caught a cold. Period. They then prescribed flu meds. At that point of time, Mum also didn’t think it was that serious since I was still eating well. She fed me the meds & I did recover after that. Problem is, the flu just keeps coming back. And at one point, 1 vet prescribed this pill which I had a bad reaction after taking it.

I totally freaked my pawrents out. I wasn’t my normal self after taking the meds. I refused to lie down or maybe I couldn’t? I just sat there the whole night. Yes, THE WHOLE NIGHT. I didn’t sleep a wink. By morning, I was so tired I actually lied down & fell asleep. It could be the effect of the medicine has already worn off. Also, I was feeling so unsure & fragile & I was twitching my head to one side many times. Mum swore that she will never give me that medicine ever again.

And recently, flu hit me again. This time, Mum brought me to a different vet. The symptoms were exactly the same – runny nose & breathing difficulties. No fever & still eating well. This time, Vet did blood test & x-ray. Although I was tested negative for tick fever, Vet suspected I had that as my blood cells pattern showed differently under the microscope. Think I gave Mum a huge scare.

She started suspecting & wondered, did I already have this tick fever last year? Because she was reading that when a dog was bitten by an infected tick, it may not show any symptoms nor fall sick until few months or even years later. Mum suspected this has been inside me all these while, that’s why I was so prone to falling sick. And if so, why did the previous vets fail to diagnose these?

Mum is sorely disappointed. If my condition was given the correct diagnosis earlier, she believed she could done even more & better for me.

We are also losing confidence in the vets locally. There’s basically almost nobody reliable enough to go to when we fall sick. Mum had to resort to read & ask & update herself all the time as she doesn’t want us to go through the same thing again.

>Baub’s review

>Pawrents sent me to the vet again, this time, for review.

They again drew my blood & took me to another room and lay me down sideways. It was freaking me out.

It was over like 15minutes.

At the end of it, pawrents, especially Mum, looked pleased. Although I can sense that something is still not totally right, Mum looked more relieved than before.

Mum got this slip of paper from the vet:

It was my blood test report!

Ooooh. I managed to eavesdrop on some of the conversations. Vet told Mum my blood test result is good, in fact better than normal dogs. My blood count shot up from the previous 39% to 51% in a span of 3 weeks. Normal range was 37% to 55%. Mum was elated. She has decided to cut down on our supplements.

But vet also mentioned my spleen was still alittle enlarged & he has given me 2 more weeks of antibiotics. Sigh.

And today’s x-ray showed that my prostate gland was slightly enlarged. For now, it doesn’t pose any problem but if it grows bigger down the road, it will start to cause problem & I will need to be castrated.

CASTRATED!!! I’m gonna lose my manhood -.-

Think Mum mentioned before she had wanted to sterilise me but had to put it off because she was worried I was too weak to go through any operation & decided to hold it off till I become stronger. And Mum is still figuring out how she’s going to solve my spinal problem.

I know I’m a big headache to Mum but I do know also she won’t give up on me. She took me home knowing that I may not be a healthy puppy. Because of this, I will be strong & will grow stronger.

Coffee didn’t escape the vet visit either. She was sent to another vet for her skin. Mum initially wanted her to go for blood test too but vet said it wasn’t necessary since she looks perfectly fine.

Hope we don’t get sent to the vet anytime soon, at least not this year please.

Give us a break pawrents.

>Pawrents got another SHOCK!

>I gave pawrents another shock of their life.


Me me! The Little Majesty of the family aka Baubles.

Well you see, as I’m moving into the phase of manhood, I decided to have a tiny wet dream. One word – SHIOK. What happened next was, I have my little penis swell up to a size about 3 times larger than the original & it was left sticking out. Of course la, it was so big & swollen so it couldn’t go back in ma. And I think I blasted out some liquid which caused my entire body to be soaking wet.

Well, pawrents freaked out on seeing my swollen penis. Mum thought I was getting another attack or disease probably caused by tick fever. She read somewhere that the penis will fall off if it didn’t go back in after some time. Panicked, she called the vet & told them of the scenario. Next thing I knew was, I was zoomed to the vet by Dad. Well as I was in the cab, my swollen penis decided that it was tired so it retreated.

Mum & Coffee joined us later at the clinic. Few minutes later, all 4 of us were in the consulation room.

Pawrents were visibly embarrassed. The nurses, and maybe the vet, were amused. As I never had this before, it was no surprise that pawrents didn’t knew what caused the swollen penis. Well Vet told them that I was having an erection.


I think pawrents’ reaction was a huge -_________________________-“

Pawrents didn’t know whether to laugh, or be angry or be embarrassed. Guess it’s a combination for them. And pawrents had to pay $99 just for that consulation because it was consdered an emergency, since they went to the clinic during after hours.I was actually laughing away after that, with that goofy smile on me. Pawrents looked at me & shook their heads. Awww. Daddy & Mummy, sorry la. I’m not neutered leh. Plus there’s Coffee in the house. Cannot control ma.

Think I really gave a huge (and false) alarm to both of them. Think I also caused much stress to dear Coffee. Sorry la. Next time I try to control my hormone blast la.