>Mummy made a new treat for us…and it’s a super healthy treat!

Mum was raving about this – super tasty lor!! It was soooo crispy & YUMMY!

We want MORE!


>dried apples

>mummy bought dried apples for us – it’s a sign that she’s getting lazy.

she saw some dried apples nicely packed in an organic store & after checking the tag & asking staff to ensure there are no added preservatives or ingredients, she got a packet for us to try.

ah..tasted as good as real apples.

errr, yeah, they are apples, just that they are dehydrated. and they are organic! sweet & sour. yum yum!

in a packet of 200gm. cost $8.

apple rings

>treats time~!

>every time when i see this:

i know mum is gonna make new treats for us. YUMMY~!

dehydrated pork – in process:


dehydrated (organic) beef liver – in process:

oh yes, you didn’t see it wrong. it is ORGANIC beef liver. amazing. mum dropped by another butchery & bought it. it doesn’t come cheap. 670gm – $19.

here’s how it looks like before it got cut up:

dad said it looks huge. of course it is. it belongs to a cow leh.

mum’s planning to get some lungs for us. it’s been awhile since she dehyrated that.

>Commercial Treats

>(Mummy decided to edit this post for fear of being sue-ed. HAHAHA)

Well, from the name of the treats, it seems like people who love their pets will get this treats for them.

Mummy was one of them. She used to buy this brand of treats for us both, as she thought it seemed really healthy as the packaging states no preservatives whatsoever.

Well, only we know, through our bodies.

We both used to have really bad bumps breaking out. Especially me, baubles.

It took Mum about a year to help us control the bumps. Occasionally, there will be 1 or 2 appearing but that is really ok, as compared to the last time.

Mum decided to feed both of us ALL human-grade and as best as she could, to give us organic foods. Well, we would say 90% of our stuff is organic (the beef liver, lungs etc that she dehydrates as treats for us aren’t but still, compared to those bought from pet store, this is definitely a healthier choice).

Some time ago, our treats ran out & mum went to buy the Love ‘Em treats as a temporary replacement. She didn’t have time to dehydrate the meats as it was during a weekday. To her horror, both our bumps started appearing within days after feeding that to us both.

She didn’t change nor add anything new to our food, except for this treat. She decided to stop & threw the remaining treats away after she had dehydrated a new batch of meats. And, few days after that, the bumps were gone.

She now suspects there’s something wrong with the treats. In fact, she wondered if it could be those treats that caused us to have bumps outbreaks the last time because we were both eating this before mummy bought the dehydrator.

Mum is sorely disgusted and disappointed with pet foods nowadays. She doesn’t know what’s really in those foods anymore, although sometimes, the label assured otherwise.

The beef and pork liver treats are made exclusively from Australian sourced livers and are oven-dried and packaged in Australia. Guaranteed 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives they are high in protein and low in fat.

Sounds too good to be true? What’s more, it’s ‘prescribed’ by a vet too!

Well. try it on your own dog & we shall see. it may work fine for other dogs but definitely not for the 2 of us. mum swears never to get anymore of such pet foods anymore.

>beef lung & liver

>yummy! but we think this can only last 1 week. mum had to redo it every week!

coffee was super greedy. kept standing near the dehydrator. :p

beef liver (we know this was shown some time back but we can never get sick of these!)

beef lungs – very rubbery when raw but extremely crispy when dehydrated!

>Peektures of treats & other stuff


As promised, peektures of 2 of our home made treats!

Dehydrated Beef Liver

Dehydrated Chicken Feet

Here are photos of other stuff that Mummy bought for us.
Aloe Vera Gel – Mum uses this on us whenever we have bumps or wounds. It soothes!
Lingzhi – Mum has been feeding us this ever since Baubles got tick fever. She reads that Lingzhi has many health benefits, one of which is it helps to strengthen the spleen.
Goat Milk – Mum feeds this to us to fatten us up, especially Baubles. We are actually not underweight but Mum noted that we are both losing weight & Baubles’ ribcage can be felt.

>Beef Liver Treats!

>Mum managed to get some beef liver from Cold Storage.

And they are halal in frozen packets of 300gm at $2.99 per pkt. Cheap find? Mum’s not really sure but it sure is so much cheaper than the meats she ordered from the butcher.

No, we don’t plan to convert, really. Just so happens it’s Halal.

Mum has problems sourcing for beef liver from supermarkets & she doesn’t quite trust the hygiene-ness of the wet markets. Oh, and I think she mentioned seeing Beef Lungs & Tripe. But the lungs kind of turned her off & the tripe, she ain’t sure if it’s green or white tripe so she didn’t get that for us either.

Anything goes for us la, so long as it’s MEAT!!

Here’s how the liver looks like, cut & placed on the dehydrator. Don’t mind the ugly cuts. Mum doesn’t do housework at all.

No after pictures as they would have ended up in our tummy right after.

Just kidding.

>BA-NA-NA & Tendon

>Mum bought a bunch of bananas & she figured that we won’t be able to finish the entire bunch before it goes bad so she decided to do this:


Can’t wait for them to be ready!

She just fed us deer tendons..we finished it within 10minutes. HEEEE. We wonder what’s next?