>a new buddy?

>Mummy wanted to get us a new ‘buddy’.

Rather, she wants to have a ‘3rd addition’.

Hmmph! As if having the 2 of us ain’t enough. She was giggling about taking a photo of us three, when our new ‘buddy’ arrives in Dec.

Seriously, we wonder what’s all the fuss about.

WHO is this 3rd party?!!

Mummy showed us a photo of ‘it’.

IT? Thought mummy said we are living creatures & shouldn’t be called ‘it’? Now she’s eating her own words.

IT is an IT la, Mummy insisted. See the photo:

IT’S HUGE. Mummy said IT’S bigger than us both.

Why is it an IT? Mummy says she’s not sure if that is girl or boy. and mum was saying it is from USA.

We both wonder what its name & whether its friendly. and whether it speaks a different language from us? Oh, and Mummy was saying, those who want a cute doggy but yet do not know how to take care of them or have no time for them, they are strongly encouraged to get this IT.

Simply because IT’s cute. And IT doesn’t need attention (weird), IT doesn’t need to eat (weirder) & IT doesn’t need exercise (huh!). But IT is very huggable.

Well, we shall both wait for IT to come & see if IT’s really that fantastic.