>Mum had a quick run through our body & she’s pleased that she didn’t find any ticks on us today!

But that doesn’t mean she’ll spare us from the daily checks of touching, checking, peering at our bodies for these bugs.

She will still do it even if she has to.

Guess she wants to make sure we are all clear then she can start bringing us to our walks!

Yes! WALKS! We missed that for a week already!

Walks wait for us!


>ticks infestion: day…

>Mum lost count already so she didn’t tell us.

But she still checks us everyday, only to find some more ticks on us. She didn’t think it’s going end very soon because she suspects we have lots of larvae & nymph ticks on us.

Well, Mum just had to put in extra time everyday to check our bodies. She can jolly well use the 1 hour daily walk sacrificed and spent it on tick checking. :p

By now, we are all pretty immune. Mum realised there isn’t any point in getting worried nor become insane on seeing the ticks. She just have to do the job in picking out the bugs.

>Ticks Infestation: Day 3 & 4

>Mum found some more ticks on us. But she’s relieved to note that the numbers have gone down & mostly were already dead. Think the Diatomaceous Earth helped.

And the baby ticks died instantly when it came into contact with ACV, even with a small drop of it.

>Ticks Infestation – Day 2

>Mum found more baby ticks on us. Probably another 10 or more.

Most of them were loosely crawling around our bodies. They are so tiny that mum could have missed them easily. She was toying with the idea of getting a magnifying glass.

She rubbed some of the powder on us today. Keeping her fingers crossed that it helps. Mum also ‘bombed’ the 2 rooms today & sprayed some tick killer solution at hidden corners of the house.

We can see Mum is very frustrated & sad.

Frustrated because the ticks never seem to be able to die off nor disappear.

Sad because Mum felt she hasn’t done enough for us.

We hope to get through this period soon too, because we both missed our daily walks 😦