Mum hasn’t blogged about supplements for very long simply because she hasn’t added nor changed any of supps for a long time. She didn’t see a need to as  we’ve been doing well on the previous supps.

Recently she won a one year supply of Soul Food & has been adding this to our foods daily. Although she cannot see much change in us, but she’s overall quite satisfied because Baubles didn’t have any adverse reactions to it. If anyone has been following our blog, one would have known that Baubles is very sensitive & he’s an indicator of whether the food / supplement is suitable as he tends to show immediate reaction if it isn’t.

So, so far so good for the Soul Food. If anyone is keen to buy it from Mommy, please leave a comment as she has a total of 6 bottles!

She also started us today on a detox regime. We are exposed to toxins everyday. Even the foods/treats we eat are not 100% clean nor pure, so it will be good to detox our liver.

She bought this:


First day on this so too early tell if we are fine with it. Hopefully it is.

On a separate note but on the same topic, Mum feels that too much supplements is also not good. Anything in excess is never good. One might be obsessed or felt that feeding lots of supplements is healthy but overdosing, in Mom’s opinion, is never healthy.

Key word is always “moderation”. Reason why Mom mentioned this is because she saw owners feeding excessive amounts of supplements, which kind of shocked her. She finds it absolutely unnecessary.


The Supplement & Shampoo

Mum blogged about a supplement she bought some time back & she didn’t reveal the name of it as she wanted to see if anyone of us has any allergy reaction to it.

Fortunately, no.

Because we are already on fresh organic raw foods & our general health being are considered average, Mum can’t tell whether it works wonders on us.

As the supplement is meant for humans, Mum adds a pinch to our foods on an average of 3 times a week. She tried eating it too but it tasted horrible, according to her.

Here’s what our Mummy bought:

And the list of ingredients here:


Mummy also been sourcing for other shampoos as the previous Keys Shampoo expired already & she has temporarily used the Neem shampoo. But the neem shampoo contained many other weird ingredients & it left a very strong (albeit nice) smell on us.

So she finally made her purchase for this:


She likes the ingredients listed BUT this shampoo can only be used on the canines. Mum needs to get another one for Haru, because this shampoo has TEA TREE. She’s thinking of getting the KEYS shampoo again, since that’s the favourite by far.

New Supplement (AGAIN?!)

Mummy was shopping at one of her favourite organic stores & chanced about a supplement.

She looked through the ingredients & found them to be really good. However, the price of $130+ kind of held her back and several unidentified ingredients which she needed to be sure that they are safe for us to consume, before she makes the decision to purchase it. She didn’t want to buy it only to realise later that it cannot be fed to us, because no one is going to eat it anyway. LOL.

So having googled up on the ingredients, she has decided to buy it. Here’s the label:


Many would have screamed “WAH! are you crazy?! this is so expensive!”

Mummy’s reply “Yes, it is expensive. But money spent can be earned back. But once health is lost, sometimes with all the monies in the world, you may not even be able to get it back.”

So, Mummy would rather spend that money than compromise on our health.

We are currently being given some of our old supps still for the past few months. No adverse reaction so far & we seem to be doing well. Even Mummy’s mama commented Baubles seem so energetic & strong nowadays, nothing like his puppy days where he always appeared sick.

Colloidal Silver vs Silver Sol

Silver Sol – another must have in the household.

Mum swears by it.

She used to buy the colloidal silver but she found a better product (as introduced by one of her peers).

It’s called silver sol. Compared to colloidal, silver sol is non-toxic, does not contain impurities & it will not cause argyria.

It has multiple uses & can be used externally and orally. But mummy prefers to use it externally as she isn’t 100% confident nor sure if this will cause any side effects to us. She had on several occassions tried a teaspoon of it (Mum: it’s tasteless by the way) to try curing her sore throat. Mummy: My sore throat was gone within a day.

One of the best uses of this is its antibacterial properties. When Baubles had a bad case of ear infection (he had pus oozing out from both his ears. most owners would have panicked & sent their animal to the vet), Mummy syringed down the silver sol into his ears. His ears started healing within 3 days. In 7 – 10 days,  his ears healed nicely. Unfortunately Mummy didn’t document the whole process. Pity.

Silver sol can be used for chronic eye infection as well. She used it on Baubles when he had an eye infection caused by allergy. The process of healing, albeit slow, but it shows results. Mummy would be posting before & after photos soon.

Oh, lastly, Mummy loved that it can be sprayed on wounds & cuts.

>Look at what the new supp did to our foods

PS: Sorry for keeping you in suspense about what this supp is. Mummy has decided not to reveal at this point of time because of the following reasons:

1) There are no reviews yet, online, on this product
2) She wants to try it on us first & see if there’s result (YES, SHE’S USING US AS GUINEA PIGS AGAIN~! HMPH!)

The ingredients listed are generally safe & they are all organic. It’s a blend of herbs + greens + algae + kelp + enzymes + probiotics, all rolled into one.

So..let’s see if we both do well on this. *Keep paws crossed*

>New Supplement (And old Supplements Giveaways)

>Mummy bought a new supplement for us, which has all the goodness packed in it.

So, she is going to stop & give away many of the supplements, in order to free up some fridge space as Daddy has been complaining!! If anyone is keen to take from us, please email her at Collection: Either at Little India MRT or Hougang MRT.


A WORD OF CAUTION: Please exercise caution & discretion when giving any of these supplements to your animal. Always find out more info on the products from the manufacturer’s website & read up on all the ingredients, pros & cons & whether they are suitable for your animal. Do not give it to your animal just because Mummy has been feeding these to us. What may be suitable for us may not be suitable for your animal. We are not responsible for what is fed to your animal. You are.

These are the items that she’s planning to give away:

1) Garden of Life Probiotics (not many capsules left)

2) Garden of Life Enzymes (half a bottle left)

3) Spirulina (10% used)

4) wholistic sea blend – Kelp (10% used) & 5) Animal Essentials Multi Vitamins (10% used)

6) Herbsmith Clear AllerQi (20% used)

7) Natural Calcium (10% used)

If you are interested in any of them but yet unsure what the supp is for, do ask Mummy ya? 🙂

>Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

>Dogs need EFAs to maintain optimal skin & coat health.

There are various sources of EFAs, mainly grains, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds.

And there are 2 main types of EFAs, namely Omega 3 & 6 and both are necessary in your dog’s diet.

In Omega 3, there are 3 types of acids: ALA, EPA & DHA, and only EPA & DHA are useful as Omega 3 supplements for your animal. The best sources of EPA & DHA are from cold water fishes such as mackerel, salmon, sardines.

On the other hand, Omega 6 is mostly from nuts & seeds.

Some time ago, Mummy bought the Udo’s Oil, and she managed only to use like 10% of it & she broke the entire bottle. Clumsy mum. So she decided to get another bottle today.

It’s a mix of mostly plant, seed & grain oils. What’s missing is the EPA & DHA, which is readily replaced by either feeding us fish or fish oil. Alternatively, that can also be easily replaced by the marine phytoplankon.
And if you noticed, it has Omega 9. Omega 9 is not an EFA. While there are sites which state that Omega 9 is not necessary in a dog’s diet & it potentially reduces the concentration of 3 & 6, however, it does also provides notable health benefits.
Again, it’s up to the owner’s discretion to decide whether or not to give a 3-6-9 oil to the dog, or simply 3 & 6. It is, however, interesting to note that, there are quite a number of omega oils for dogs which have all 3.
This version that Mum bought is for humans.
PS: Some humans were mistaken that we are fed with a whole lot of supplements. Well, if you look through our old posts, the various supplements were bought over a period of time, and many of them are no longer fed to us. Now, it’s just back to basics. Yes, it is true that supps are good but excess will do us more harm, because it can be quite taxing to our liver. Mum believes in giving our system a break by stopping some supps & then restarting them some time later. And there are times where there are totally no supps added to our meals. Please exercise your discretion when giving your dog any supplements. As in the case of the EFAs, there are various supps that Mum has bought which has the same EFAs. So she needs to ensure the supps are not duplicated & fed to us at the same time.

>WTS: Marine Phytoplankon (Powder)

>hello all!

mummy wants to sell off the powder as she realised that she bought too much (as usual la). the previous batch is not even finished yet! she feeds us a pinch every alternate day so she realised that there’s no need to buy so much. now she’s stuck with a packet of 100gm powder which expires Sep 2011!

so if anyone is keen, please contact her at .

she bought the 100gm at USD169.00. the packet is still unopened & she’s ok to split into 50gm for $90 per 50gm. if anyone is taking all 100gm, she’s willing to let go for it at $150.

the packet has been kept in the fridge all the time 🙂

Some info on plankton:

Marine phytoplankton serves as a valuable source of nourishment for many sea animals. Of particular interest, phytoplankton provides fish with the healthy omega fats such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Omega 3 fats are essential to human health since research clearly shows a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disorders, and behavioural disorders associated with these healthy fats.

For those taking fish oils or eating fishes for their omega 3, you may like to note that fishes are not able to produce omega-3. Some fish like herring, sardines, and anchovies get their omega-3 from the plankton and algae they feed on. Larger fishes like salmon, cod, tuna, swordfish, and sharks get their omega-3 from smaller fishes.

>E Shopping Spree Part 3

>Wah! the final item is here. And it was received through the mail box.


haha. we know u can’t tell what this is. because we didn’t either. but the smell was pungent.

remember some time ago, we blogged about marine phytoplankon?

mum went to source out the powder form, so here it is!

sad thing is, the expiry date is next year Sep 2011!!!!!

mum will be adding this to her drink everyday too, to see if it has any effects. actually we know she didn’t want to waste it and ensure the whole packet is finished before the expiry.

Mum strongly believes in the benefits of marine phytoplankon so that’s why she went to source for it again.

The liquid form, if anyone is keen to buy, you can actually buy it locally.

Please bear in mind that this is considered the king of superfoods. so please exercise moderation if you do purchase this.

For adult dosage, it’s a max of 1/2 teaspoon a day. Mum will be feeding a pinch to us, probably a max of 3 – 4 times a week.