Spending Spree – The Healing Salve

Mummy bought quite a few stuff online recently. For herself & us.

She’s just going to share one of the items she bought for us, which can be bought in Singapore (but it’s darn ex @ $50++) but way cheaper buying online.

The Salve:

It’s good for fungal & eczema.


Mummy likes that it’s FOOD GRADE & ORGANIC. Means that even if we lick it, it’s fine.

The ingredients – mostly organic. But note that some humans/animals may be allergic to beeswax. So test first by applying abit on the skin.

The best thing is – this salve is made for humans & NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. =)


Immediate results

natural methods take time to work.

they may take a couple of days or up to even years to see the effects.

medicines or whatever stuff prescribed by vets may not necessarily be good. sometimes they do more harm.

even natural products that are made specially for dogs, may not be safe, UNLESS, the label states:

– for both humans & animals

– tested on humans

– human grade or fit for human consumption

if one uses a product on your animal & you see instant or almost immediate results, this should sound off the alarm & question of “is this product safe?”

We know many dog owners want “quick fix” or are scaringly anxious & panicky to want to see their beloved dogs heal. But sometimes, it’s better to let their bodies heal on their own naturally, with the right type of food, amount of exercise & environment.

Our mummy used to be one of them.

Baubles has skin outbreaks once in awhile still. But Mummy is already immuned to it as she noticed his body will heal on its own – but it takes time.

During the time when he had eye infection, it took about 8 – 10 months for his eyes to heal fully. He had another round of infection (similar to the previous one) about 2 months ago but it was much less severe. Again, it took almost 2 months to heal.

Vet couldn’t pin point the cause. Neither could Mum.

But the fact is, the natural methods that Mum tried (albeit long), worked wonders.

Coffee’s had a bald patch on her snout in April, due to her bad habit of incessant scratching & rubbing.

Seeing bald patches on their own dogs would have sent some owners into frenzy again.

No doubt Mummy was worried that the fur may not regrow. Anyway, she tried some natural & safe methods & 1 month later, she saw results. Here are the before & after photos:



The fur has grown back fully, after 1 month 🙂

And she’s happy knowing that the method she used is safe & has no side effects on Coffee.

So between safe, natural but slow healing methods vs that of fast, instant but potentially harmful healing methods, Mummy will always choose the earlier.

>Herbs & Essential Oils

>Mum occassionally buys herbs & essential oils for us.

But she buys it only after much reading. So do read up more before you jump into any of this. And mum usually applies these on us externally.

and she totally forgot to buy the most important one – chamomile oil. next time, maybe.

>skin problem (again)

>my skin problem came again.

not baubles – he still has MS bumps occassionally but they are under control, so mum ain’t really worried.

i got a few botak patches on my hips again & they are blaring with red raised bumps. mum caught me biting those areas many times.

itchy ma. if i have hands, i will scratch lor. my paws can’t reach leh.

so beautiful me is not so beautiful anymore.

is mum going to dump me because of that?

hell NO. mum’s just frustrated with herself that she can’t seem to do anything to alleviate my discomfort. and she doesn’t want to waste money on vet fees as she knows the vet is just going to prescribe some stupid steroid cream & probably anti-itch pills.


mum noticed the rashes came back in full force the moment she stopped the lacto gg.

so now, she decided to put us back on this & she searched for another brand – a cheaper one but with similar effect, hopefully.

lactogg is another probiotic strain & it’s very good for eczema & allergies. different strains of probiotics have different types of uses.

and mum went to buy papaya enzymes. it’s green papaya enzymes to be exact!

you can read more about the benefits of such enzymes online. don’t be lazy ok, go do some googling.

and hor, kiasu mum went to buy Sauerkraut Juice and added abit to my foods. it’s (almost) the same as the cultured vegetables that she wanted to do for us. lazy mum took the short cut and bought this instead.

About the juice:
– Extracted from white cabbage through natural lactic acid fermentation
– Rich in natural L(+) lactic acid – excellent for digestion.
– Lactic acid in sauerkraut juice can inhibit the growth of undesired intestinal bacteria and stimulate digestive activity
– Very low calorie, contains large amounts of vitamin C and is ideal for diabetics.

The ingredients: Sauerkraut Juice (Fermented Cabbage Juice) & sea salt. both are organic. mum didn’t dare feed too much of this to us as she doesn’t know how much of sea salt was used. and hor, she took a whif and commented it was smelly. -.- terrible!!! fancy her feeding us something which she doesn’t even want to eat. and the papaya enzyme smelled like wasabi & i saw mum’s expression when she smelled it.


but eh, these are supposed to be good for us la. so try lor. it’s all organic anyway and the ingredients are safe for us.

the other time she bought the enzymes and realised it contained maltodextrin – which is extracted from wheat! dogs are allergic to wheat so mum ended up popping those enzymes instead. LOL