Pet Friendly Cafe

Sooooo sorry for the major lack in updates! The mom’s been lazing too much! We need her to log into her pc so that we can update our blog! AUGH..

Anyway just a short one before Mom goes back to lazy mode again but we promise to update very soon again. Lots to catch up!

Mum ain’t a great fan of pet friendly cafe because she felt that cafes like these are purely to lure humans, not us. We’d prefer to run free anytime at the beach or at a huge field! That’s why she stopped bringing us to cafes like these.

However, since we moved to our new neighbourhood, we have been walking past this pet friendly cafe at least twice a week, which prompted Mum to finally bring us in during one of our walks. It was on a Monday evening hence it’s only US!

Mum likes the concept where the cafe divides itself into 2 sections: one purely for humans, the other for humans with their animal companions. lovely.

So she ordered her food while we can only stare & smell – it was so tormenting. They do serve food for furries BUT they are cooked, so it’s a NO NO for us. HUMPH! we sometimes wish mum can exercise flexibility in this instance by letting us eat the cooked food just this once. *HUGE STARES FROM THE MOM*


the staff are friendly, which is good. the food there: average. Mom’s quite disappointed with the egg benedict. but she loves the coffee. she will visit again to try the other dishes.

Oh btw, it’s called Sun Ray Cafe 🙂

Now..some pictures:


yes, that is ALOT of food for 1 human. but that is the amount of food the Mom can eat. Scary.


Organic, Eco Friendly, Natural Products

Mummy’s been actively using organic/natural/eco friendly products on us. Whether it’s our food, shampoo, skin cream or even laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, hand soap, she uses all natural.

She always uses the Melrose soap to wash her hands before handling our foods:


And she loves using Dishmate to wash our bowls & prep equipment:


She’s been using this brand of liquid detergent to wash bed sheets, harnesses & towels:


Recently she bought a powder version:


She even bought this to wash our pee trays:


She even bought the wood/chemical free/non toxic chopping board:


Exaggerating or not? Maybe to many people, our Mummy is considered siao. But this is still not the craziest (as mummy’s friends would have known – well it takes one to know another. LOL)

As we are moving to a new place next year, Mummy is planning to get rid of most of the old furniture & to buy new ones. She’s been eyeing this organic bamboo charcoal mattress for some time now. Today, she finally paid a deposit for it. Worth every single cent, she believes.


Top Picture: Mattress. Bottom Pic: The bed frame.

The mattress comes with a mattress protector & a 15 year warranty. The store actually included 2 pillows & a bolster, as well as gave a discounted price for the bed frame. LOVELY.

We all can’t wait to sleep on this eco friendly bed!

Why 2 is better than 1

Mummy decided to borrow our blog awhile for some rant…no la..she just wants to express her views 🙂

“Coff & Baub are my first dogs. Haru is my first cat.

Before I decided to jump onto the bandwagon of getting a dog, I did abit of research.

Admittedly, I didn’t do much of a research. I started off like many other pet owners, thinking that taking care of dogs is a breeze & that they are really cute to have.

Coffee became my first dog in 2008. With the little homework I did, I found out taking care of a puppy can be really frustrating. One must be really patient. I had issues with her housebreaking & her fussiness over food. I also had issues with her health.

But I overcame those after several months. And I was glad I did.

Despite the fact that I found it really tedious to take care of a puppy amidst my irregular working schedule & long hours, I went ahead to get a 2nd puppy. That’s where Baubles joined the family.

My family thought I was ridiculous. I had minimal support when it comes to taking care of 2 puppies. It was almost as good as none.

But I remembered very clearly, before deciding to get a puppy & with the little research I did, I already had the intention to get 2 dogs. Because one of my ex colleagues once told me this “her dad said if you want to keep a dog, please keep 2. when there are people at home, the dog is there to keep them company. but when nobody is at home, the dog is left alone. humans cannot be so selfish.”

i agree. unless there are people at home most of the time, otherwise, i do agree that one should have 2 dogs, instead of just 1.

but little did i know that coffee was a dog who didn’t like other dogs. she only loves humans.

baubles, on the other hand, loves dogs but is very selective on the humans he stick to.

plus, it made matters worse that baubles was a sick puppy. he was born with loads of hereditary health issues & loads of time & attention was spent on him. as a result, coffee was neglected.

and coffee took a very long to accept him into the family. by long, i meant at least 2 years.

yes, it is that long.

thinking back, one may have asked – do i regret getting 2 dogs then? because 2 dogs = double work, double expenses. even my family commented, up till this day, why give myself so much trouble by getting 2 dogs?

i’m glad to say that, i’ve never regretted my decision. in life, i’ve had many regrets but this is one of them which i never will and i’m very pleased & happy with my decision.

despite the hard start & the many obstacles I had with them, & the on-off health issues that surface, i’m very grateful for having them with me.  knowing that they have each other as company & they can look out for each other when left alone, this makes me feel more at ease.

haru was not planned.

i never liked cats. and i really don’t know what made me want to keep a cat. seriously. i have NO idea.

But i’m so happy that she’s now part of this family. she has added so much cheer in my life.

I would encourage people to get at least 2 animals (if the animals are left alone at home most of the time). But it’s very important to make sure their temperaments match.

And I’m really lucky all 3 of them get along well with no issues.”


New Item!

Mummy got a new item recently!

She said it’s to be used to store our stuff – our meats.

After she bought it, she realised that it’s really huge. LOL. But we can tell she’s loving it anyway!

Tada~! Here it is…

A fisher & paykel freezer! mummy loves this brand loads 🙂

who says keeping a dog is cheap?

well it is, if you minus the grooming, vet fees & add in the cheap foods that you buy from the pet store.

mummy is amazed at how people can exclaim when a premium dog food that cost probably about $50 – $60 & which can last about 2 weeks as expensive.

for goodness sake.

if you can splurge $1000 on a branded bag on yourself, what is this amount of money compared to $60?

There are stuff that people can give up in order to be able to provide better for their dogs. There are many unnecessary materialistic items that people choose to buy & yet they scrimp & scrooge over the stuff they buy for their dogs.

Mummy is irritated when people make comments like “i’m not rich”.

Mummy ain’t either. But she earns enough to keep this family going.

And she’s always ever so willing to pay for our foods.

This is the average amount of money she spends each time she’s at the butcher:

this is for 2 dogs & 1 cat. and can last about 2 weeks.

expensive? then why bother keeping a dog? don’t get one just because it’s cute or because your peers have one.

it’s a lifelong responsibility & to many others, sadly, they become a liability.

All Dogs Are Beautiful

A post from Mummy:

“Many times, I have heard or received compliments about Baubles being a beautiful or nice looking dog. The compliments come from friends & strangers, even the Malays. I thank you all for that.

In stark contrast, I almost do not hear any compliments about Coffee being a pretty dog. Those that do compliment her are friends of mine. Honestly, I do not know if they complimented her out of courtesy or honesty, but nonetheless, I thank you all for that too.

Coffee is a mostly black dog, with white fur on the paws. alittle on the beard & brows. Many do not know how to appreciate black dogs, but I do.

I love black dogs. And Coffee has a very pretty & girly face with eyes that speak volumes.

I feel sad that humans do not how to appreciate the real beauty of dogs, other than how they look.

I really hope people will look beyond their physical attributes & learn how to appreciate how beautiful dogs are, regardless of age, breed, colors or physical outlook.

Because all dogs are beautiful.”

You just lost a customer

Mummy was down at the butcher (PP branch) over the weekend. She wanted to get some kangie meats for us.

Unfortunately, there were only 2 miserable pieces left.

There wasn’t alot of people in the store at that time but there were mostly ang moh customers. There were 3 asian staff & 1 ang moh staff. None of them attended to mum. And finally one did but he gave the “boh chap” attitude, which was a stark comparison to how he served the ang moh customers.

When the ang moh butcher finally served mum at the cashier, he was very friendly.

But unfortunately, mummy was already quite pissed by then & no amount of damage control could revert the situation, as she realised how friendly all the other asian staff were towards the ang moh customers.

Besides the quality of meats, Mummy also look at the service standards. The butcher is by far, the worst & she swears she will never go back there ever again.

Mummy may not be a big time consumer & she doesn’t asked to be treated as a VIP. She spends an average of $200 – $400 at every visit & she visit the butcheries/supermarkets about 3 – 4 times a month.

The least the staff can do is, not to practise double service standards.

The Butcher – You just lost yourself a customer.

Why so petty?

Post from Mum:

I had a good laugh participating in a forum post recently. It was a very brief experience but, hilarious to the core.

Again, it happened in a local forum. This is something that I can never experience in the other foreign forum where I’m also a member.

A huge difference, indeed.

I realised local members tend to be more narrow minded & petty. They don’t look beyond the present. It’s a sad reality.

Asians, especially, do not take criticisms in a positive manner. I”m Asian too, and I do see the problem.

I just read this other comment from someone at a foreign raw feeding page & I loved what I read. I hope to share it here & wish local members can adopt this example.

“The responses you got are not about being negative toward you, they are about answering your question honestly. It’s honestly NOT a good choice to feed prefab commercial food, raw or not. Period. You are the one who inferred that it made you a bad dog owner. We simply said that there are healthier, better choices for your beloved dog. Not to mention cheaper. You asked the question, be prepared for honest answers. I promise that’s what you’ll get here.”
~ Quoted from Ntombi ~

To listen or not

Mum likes to hog the pc to read animal forums (local & overseas) & google up on holistic / alternative animal care.

While she finds the overseas forum really useful & contains loads of useful information, she finds it amusing to read the local ones.

The local one tends to be, as what Mum describes, rubbish.

Mum: Because they are a joke & they are a cheap form of entertainment. Locally, many people lack the knowledge in animal care & yet many times, they attempt to give advices to the new owners. This is the case of “the blind leading the blind”.

We do recall Mummy saying that people tend to give advices blindly because they do not need to take responsibility for their advices. Well, it’s not their own animal anyway. Whether the dog becomes better, worse, suffers or even die, the seemingly savvy advisor need not take responsibility for their own words, unlike vets.

The greatest joke of all is, people who lack the experience or worse, have ZILCH experience in barf / raw feeding for dogs, actually ATTEMPT to go round giving piecemeal advices to fellow members in forums. These people DO NOT realise the danger of giving such advices to new owners. They are outrightly IRRESPONSIBLE for giving advices without thinking through the consequences.

Mum finds it disgusting (hmm, she can’t think of a better word at the moment) when humans attempt to advise or teach her raw / barf feeding for animals when these humans are the ones who have NEVER EVER fed any animal a REAL RAW OR BARF DIET. This is yet, another joke.

Mum: You need to go through the motion & process of buying the meats (in the case of overseas, it’s rearing their own animals, slaughtering them & feeding them to their dogs), preparing them & serve them to your dogs in order to experience it so that you are able to tell people how to do it. It’s not a matter of days, weeks or even months. Its through years of preparing, trying & eventually seeing positive results that allows you to give sound advices. BUT, even then, not every piece of advice given should be taken seriously. Again, please exercise your discretion.

The main butt of the joke is, people who have never fed real barf / raw diet to their dogs will insist they are right when giving advices.

Bad Humans.

Mum derives much joy, in a positive manner of course, when she reads overseas forums. Locals pale in comparison to them. They have done their homework. They know what they are doing. Their advices given are always consistent & they back up their answers with evidence.

Unfortunately, being new dog owners, they rely alot on these local forums. They rely on so-called experienced dog owners for advices.

However, a human who may have owned dogs in all her /his life does not mean he/she is capable of giving good or even correct advices.

At the end of the day, the life of your animal lies in your own hands, not others.

To listen or not, it’s really up to you. But please exercise your discretion.

Because many times, it is always the case of “THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND“.