>Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

Pawrents went to the cinema to watch Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

Heard from mum that dad cried also.

HAHAHAHAHA. Dad doesn’t tear when watching show one leh.

Every dog owner should watch this movie. It tells of the love & loyalty of a dog named Hachiko. Hachiko never fails to show up & wait at the train station everyday for his owner. Unfortunately one day, the owner didn’t turn up as usual at the station but Hachiko kept on waiting. Apparently, the owner had a heart attack & passed on.

Hachiko didn’t know but some how, we believe that Hachiko knows something is missing. But as dogs, we don’t fear the worst. We don’t assume, we don’t guess. Instead, we are always very fixated in one aim & nothing will deter us.

That is why Hachiko still waits at the station. And he waited for about 10years till he died.

Pawrents cried because as they watched the movie, they thought of me, baubles.



well dear sister, you ain’t anything like me. you don’t really wait at the door nor end up falling asleep there. well, you do la, occasionally but quite unlike me.

so naturally, pawrents will think of me.

and mum wonders if both of us will wait like hachiko if pawrents don’t return home for days.


then who is going to feed the 2 of us??!!