Comprehensive Health Check

Mom sent us both the Seniors for our comprehensive Health Check. We missed one last year.

The health check includes:
Complete Blood Count

Blood Chemistry

Blood Pressure



Here’s them waiting at the vet

a very worried looking coffee. she hates vet visits. always super nervous & tries to get out.

scared coff

baubles couldn’t care less so long as i’m with him. he’s more interested in what’s going on outside.

cant be bothered baub

Baubs’ Blood Tests Results – Slightly elevated BUN is due to dehydration as they just went for their walks before heading to the vet

baub cbcbaub chem

Coffee’s Blood Tests Results

  • Slightly elevated BUN is due to dehydration as they just went for their walks before heading to the vet
  • Slightly elevated EOS – well coffee has a terrible habit of picking up things from the floor so she could have ingested stuff.

coff chemcoff cbc

Urinalysis – concentration was normal. X-rays were normal.

Dental condition – excellent. Vet was surprised with their teeth despite their age (both are 8 years old) & thought they had gone for dental scaling. Never did. And I don’t brush their teeth either.

Mom’s overall very pleased with their health checks. For the skeptics, these results have proven that RAW IS THE BEST DIET FOR THE K9. Not commercial raw but HOME MADE RAW.


Blepharitis III

And so, Baubles’ eye problem came back. This time, I missed out on giving vegetables to him for 2 weeks.

Sigh. Sometimes I wonder if he’s a herbivore.

Anyway, I tried a few methods (natural) methods but it doesn’t seem to go away.

1) Chamomile Tea – not much of difference. sometimes it gets worse

2) Silver Sol – in fact i noticed it kinda worsened the condition. Goodness knows why!

3) Water – yes, water. just plain, slightly acidic water from my filter system. I have it chilled. Left it in the freezer for about 5 minutes (but not too long as it will become ice!)..then use a cotton ball & dampen it with the water. then dab on his eyes. do it at least a few times daily. for me, i could only do it twice a day as I’m working. The blepharitis is subsiding slowly but surely.

Sometimes you don’t need fanciful treatments. You just need time & patience. I read about treatment (3) online for HUMANS. Sadly, there isn’t any stated for dogs. And since it’s just chilled water, there totally wasn’t any danger in applying it on the dogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

And you must have the patience. It doesn’t just go away in a day or 2 (although it probably will if you were to seek treatment from a vet). It takes weeks at the minimum to heal.

Haru was sick

A week ago, just barely after Mummy recovered from her cold. Someone joked that Mummy passed her virus to Haru. >.<

Well, it started off with Haru puking undigested foods, then diarrhea, followed by really fast & inconsistent breathing & subsequently, lethargy.

Mummy was worried. She was reading that someone’s cat had similar symptoms recently & went to the vet but the prognosis was unsure – what’s new?

It took the cat quite awhile to recover as she was on antibiotics prescribed by the vet.

So mummy decided to play vet & feed Haru something. If you are keen to find out, you can leave down a comment.

Well, it worked miraculously. Haru calmed down & went to sleep after given that stuff. But a cat is deemed to be fully recovered only when she has started to eat. Mummy decided to let Haru skip a meal the next day & to feed her only dinner.

She ate but alittle. So Mummy gave her another small spoonful of that stuff.By the subsequent day, she was back to her usual self & eating.

PS: Mummy isn’t suggesting that every cat owner to play vet. Mummy researched alittle before deciding to feed her that stuff. So please do it responsibly.

A vet visit after (almost) 2 years

Mom brought the 3 of us to the vet today.

And it’s another new vet. Funny why Mom keeps changing vets like changing clothes. TSK.

And no, there really isn’t anything wrong with us. Mom can’t understand why there must be ‘something wrong’ then it warrants for a vet visit.

We missed our annual blood test last year so Mummy ensured that all 3 of us go for it this year. Haru never had any blood tests so Mum decided that she should just go for FIV & FELV tests. She’ll find out more about the type of blood tests available for felines next time.

Well unfortunately, the blood tests ain’t ready for collection so Mommy will have to follow up with the clinic the next day.

Another thing Mom dreads bringing us to the vet is (just like how we all dread going to the vet too), the vet will start to psycho Mom into the conventional methods which Mom TOTALLY hates.

As expected, when the vet saw Baubles’ skin (which is considerably ok compared to some other really bad days), again, the vet kept persuading & tried to convince Mom to give him doses of antibiotics, saying that it worked for other dogs.

And he went on & on for a few minutes. Fortunately Mommy has learnt the art of tolerance & she politely declined many times, despite him trying to sell the use of antibiotics like a typical salesman.

That’s why Mom hates going to the vet.

And when the receptionist overheard Mom’s conversation with Uncle Lawrence about weighing our foods, she asked why Mom needed to weigh the food & if Baubles was diabetic.


Again, Mom politely explained that we are all on raw foods that’s why she needed to weigh the foods.

Honestly, Mom wasn’t expecting any difference in terms of ‘experience’ when it comes to visiting the vets. She already knew all vets in SG behave in the same way – the same selling technique, the conventional treatment methods. Yawnz. It’s precisely this repetitive pattern that causes Mom to dread bringing us to the vet.

Oh well. In the meantime, we hope our results turn out fine.

*keeps paws crossed*

Chamomile Tea

A post dedicated to chamomile tea.

Mummy doesn’t drink this tea. In fact, we don’t either.

But Mummy loves this tea to bits because it has miraculous healing properties on Baubles’ eyes.

Remember Baubles had this really bad eye infection a few times & vet could not point out the exact cause & a cure for it?

This tea works wonderfully on his eyes. Not that one can see immediate results but there are results, and positive ones.

In fact, recently, Baubles was tearing much more than usual & Mummy immediately applied the tea on his eyes for several days. The tearing cleared up.

Also, not all chamomile tea works for Baubles. Mummy’s been trying a few brands & she realised only one particular brand worked.

Previously, she bought:



and this:



Both didn’t seem quite effective. So finally, she bought another brand & it works wonders.



And sometimes, she does let us drink the tea. I love it but Baubles hates it. bleah.

Immediate results

natural methods take time to work.

they may take a couple of days or up to even years to see the effects.

medicines or whatever stuff prescribed by vets may not necessarily be good. sometimes they do more harm.

even natural products that are made specially for dogs, may not be safe, UNLESS, the label states:

– for both humans & animals

– tested on humans

– human grade or fit for human consumption

if one uses a product on your animal & you see instant or almost immediate results, this should sound off the alarm & question of “is this product safe?”

We know many dog owners want “quick fix” or are scaringly anxious & panicky to want to see their beloved dogs heal. But sometimes, it’s better to let their bodies heal on their own naturally, with the right type of food, amount of exercise & environment.

Our mummy used to be one of them.

Baubles has skin outbreaks once in awhile still. But Mummy is already immuned to it as she noticed his body will heal on its own – but it takes time.

During the time when he had eye infection, it took about 8 – 10 months for his eyes to heal fully. He had another round of infection (similar to the previous one) about 2 months ago but it was much less severe. Again, it took almost 2 months to heal.

Vet couldn’t pin point the cause. Neither could Mum.

But the fact is, the natural methods that Mum tried (albeit long), worked wonders.

Coffee’s had a bald patch on her snout in April, due to her bad habit of incessant scratching & rubbing.

Seeing bald patches on their own dogs would have sent some owners into frenzy again.

No doubt Mummy was worried that the fur may not regrow. Anyway, she tried some natural & safe methods & 1 month later, she saw results. Here are the before & after photos:



The fur has grown back fully, after 1 month ๐Ÿ™‚

And she’s happy knowing that the method she used is safe & has no side effects on Coffee.

So between safe, natural but slow healing methods vs that of fast, instant but potentially harmful healing methods, Mummy will always choose the earlier.

Slow (but steady) road to recovery

Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been quite busy & we’ve been updating more frequently on our FB rather than our blog.

Anyway, just a minor update.

Baub’s eye problem, which started in mid 2011, is on the road to recovery.

Mummy has had many setbacks when it comes to trying to cure our issues but one thing for sure – she won’t give up. And she won’t resort to quick fix every time, as she knows this don’t work.

It was in early Dec 2011, Mummy decided to switch to using Chamomile teabag to clean Baub’s eyes daily. In addition, she also started us on the marine phytoplankton about 2 – 3 ย weeks back.

She didn’t see any significant improvement initially. In fact, Baub’s eyes (especially the left side), was tearing so badly everyday that his eyelids were glued together every morning & Mummy had to moisten that area to pull his lids open.

Yes, it was that bad.

It was only few days ago, Mummy noticed improvements & she was happy.

Here’s a photo of how his eye looked now:

If you had seen his previous photo, you would have noticed the swell has gone down significantly & fur was growing back slowly as well.

Mummy couldn’t have been happier. The other eye is still slightly swollen but she will continue with the chamomile teabags & our usual diet & supplements.

Looking back, it took about 7 – 8 months for Mum to treat Baub’s condition. A long time but at least she knows, the methods she’s using is safe.

The lethal effects of steroids

From our Mummy:

I personally do not encourage the use of steroids, unless the condition is death threatening.

The problem with our local vets, as well as many other conventional vets in the world is that, they abuse the use of steroids on animals.

It seems to me that, there is no other alternative treatment that vets can pescribe, other than the use of steroids.

It is so unfortunate that Baubles is one of those victims, who have been constantly given steroids (external & internal) for his multiple conditions.

I thought I have well, prevented the use of steroids on him for at least a year. However, due to his chronic eye condition (blepharitis), he was seen by a vet who gave him an antibiotics + steroids.

No doubt, his condition improved tremendously in days. Even his skin, which were never perfect, was squeaky clean (no rash, no bump).

Well, that lasted for about 2 – 3 weeks. After which, his eye problem came back.

And, his entire body was in a mess. He had multiple huge red angry bumps all over his body. He was scratching like mad. His body smelled.

At this point, for most owners, this would have sent them panicking & again, send their poor dog to the vet for another round of treatment. Again, the vet will most likely give another round of steroid jabs OR cream.

And the skin will be back to being perfect again. And the problem WILL recur few weeks later.


I knew for sure, the breakout was due to the jab, the steroid, to be exact.

Yes, it pained me to see him in such great discomfort. I tried my best to alleviate his discomfort by applying the herbal spray. He appeared better but he still scratched. This lasted for about 2 weeks.

I maybe a bad owner, to most people. To be able to bear the sight of him in such discomfort. But I know, this is a phase my brave boy had to go through, if I didn’t want him to be addicted or fall victim again to the use of steroids.

So please, when & where ever possible, AVOID the use of steroids. The cure, is but, momentary but the side effects are, a torture.

To show you how bad his breakout was, here’s a photo:

This was his chest area. The rashes were similar on his back, neck & legs. There was also a few on his head. Yes, it was extremely BAD.

But now, they have slowly subsided to become this:

I know of owners who send their dogs for steroid jabs regularly for chronic skin conditions. This is something I totally discourage. Skin problems, even if it cannot be cured, it can be managed by natural & safe methods. And the best way is always through food. It takes time. If you are the impatient one who wants to see immediate results, I’m sorry, natural remedies don’t work that way.

For my boy, it took about a month to see improvements but at least I know he didn’t have to go through the vicious cycle of having such hellish breakouts again due to steroids.

Dogs need FATS

Mummy made a mistake in our diet some time ago.

She excluded FATS from our diet. Contrary to what many people have said, FATS are essential to a dog’s diet.

But of course, not all fats are good & always feed in moderation.

There’s alot of technical terms on the various types of fats & we aren’t going to dive into those. We are just going to simply share with you what Mum did last time & now, and a few photos.

Mummy used to exclude skins from our diet, thinking that these are fats which are unhealthy to us. Hence, skins have never been included in our diet (except for chicken skin) since the day we were fed barf.

Mummy started to realise that beginning of late last year, both of us were “balding”. Not the kind where you see botak patches but some parts of our fur was thinning, espcially Coffee’s.

The fur on her hind leg was thinning rather significantly:

This area was not clipped. She was sporting a poodle cut & both her hind legs looked really bare. Baubles’ skirting was also thinning but it wasn’t as bad as coffee’s.

Baffled, Mummy googled for answers but couldn’t find any. Until few months ago, she joined an overseas forum & asked around. And she found out that other raw feeders had the same issue with their dogs. On the advice of a member, she added back the fats into our diet. She sliced off skins from the lamb rack & whatever fats that she could find, and added them back slowly & little by little into our diet. She also increased the frequency of fish oil. We will blog about fish oil next time ๐Ÿ™‚

Slowly, fur started to grow back.

Mummy took a photo of Coffee’s hind leg recently:

This a schnauzer cut, so fur on the back part was clipped. But as you can see, her fur has grown which allows for a skirting to be visible.

The advantage of giving them a home made diet is that you can modify & control the ingredients. As with all kinds of pre-made diet, you can’t.

Anyway, Mummy is happy. And so are we ๐Ÿ™‚


Have you included a detoxification program in your dog’s regime?

If not, you may want to start.

Humans emphasize the importance of detoxifcation for overall maintenance of a healthy body.

Even though the 2 of us eat a a good diet consisting of mainly organic foods, however Mummy says that detoxification is still mandatory.

Because the air we breathe in is polluted, the areas where we have our daily walks are dirty & even our house is heavilty radiated (radiation emitted by electronic appliances).

Detoxification simply means elimination of toxins from our bodies. How this is done is very simple. There are many ways to do it:

1) Fast

2) Exercise

3) Greens

4) Supplements

5) Water (Alkaline Water please!)

Mum does all of the above for us except for 1). So far, she realised the most effective way to detox us is through the use of Zeolites. These are volcanic minerals which can help rid the body ofย  of heavy metals & other harmful chemicals.

Some benefits of Zeolites:

– Safe & non-toxic

– helps balance body’s pH level

– remove heavy metals & toxins

– helps reduce cancer

Mum started zeolites on us for about 2 weeks & she noticed Baubles’s rashes started to clear up. She’s still monitoring to see if it’s really the effect of zeolites & will update again.

Have you started a detox program already? If not, do start!