The Supplement & Shampoo

Mum blogged about a supplement she bought some time back & she didn’t reveal the name of it as she wanted to see if anyone of us has any allergy reaction to it.

Fortunately, no.

Because we are already on fresh organic raw foods & our general health being are considered average, Mum can’t tell whether it works wonders on us.

As the supplement is meant for humans, Mum adds a pinch to our foods on an average of 3 times a week. She tried eating it too but it tasted horrible, according to her.

Here’s what our Mummy bought:

And the list of ingredients here:


Mummy also been sourcing for other shampoos as the previous Keys Shampoo expired already & she has temporarily used the Neem shampoo. But the neem shampoo contained many other weird ingredients & it left a very strong (albeit nice) smell on us.

So she finally made her purchase for this:


She likes the ingredients listed BUT this shampoo can only be used on the canines. Mum needs to get another one for Haru, because this shampoo has TEA TREE. She’s thinking of getting the KEYS shampoo again, since that’s the favourite by far.


New Shower Head

After 3 years, Mummy finally changed the shower head!

She has switched us to alkaline / filtered drinking water over a year ago after reading up on the benefits of it. She had been contemplating to change the shower water for us as well & she finally did.

This shower head has some special functions:

  • Removes chlorine
  • Generates Negative Ions
Chlorine in water has known to be bad for the body & skin, over a long period of usage.
According to the Journal of Public Health, “Up to two-thirds of the harmful effects of chlorine are due to inhalation and skin absorption while showering.”

The inhalation of chlorine and other chemical vapors into our lungs means that these chemicals enter directly into our bloodstream.

In addition, since the shower is warm or hot, our pores are wide open and our skin readily absorbs the chemicals.

And then there is the cosmetic effect of chlorine – it strips the protective oils from the skin and hair, causing excess drying and wrinkling of skin as well as dry and brittle hair.

Thus, removing chlorine and other volatile chemicals with a quality shower filter is just as important as removing these chemicals from your drinking water with a tap water filter.


We are both due for our bath soon (we haven’t bathed for a month…mum’s getting lazier) & mum will be using this new shower head!

>Herbs, Treats and Dulse

>Mummy mixed some organic herbs & made a leave-in conditioner for our bath. There are different mixtures for different purposes.

Here’s one of them:

Takes about 1-1.5hour to make this, including cooling down. Sometimes we end up drinking abit as it’s being poured over our body & head but since it’s herbs, it’s pretty harmless.

It’s the time of the month where Mummy dehydrates treats for us. She’s slowly moving towards turning all our foods organic wherever possible. So now our treats are mostly organic. She dehydrates organic pork for us, since our diet is made up of mostly beef, lamb, chicken, venison & sometimes rabbit.

Here’s a peek at our treats!

Mummy doesn’t dehydrate liver very often as liver cannot be fed in excess to us.

She bought something recently which is to be added to our foods. It’s very similar to kelp.

Organic dulse – it’s red seaweed.

And it looks like this:

As we can’t eat too much of this, Mummy can only sprinkle a wee bit onto our foods. As the seaweed is very soft, Mummy had to dehydrate it to make it crispy & then crush it to become like this:

It tasted salty but actually, dulse has the lowest level of sodium but yet has high level of iodine. And it’s rich in minerals & vitamins as well.

Another healthy food for us both 🙂



Mummy went to buy these as she wanted to make some body spray & conditioner for us. the different combination of herbs creates a different effect on our skin.

Think Mummy has a fetish for soap recently as she kept buying soaps which we don’t really need. Perhaps she couldn’t resist buying this as it is a rare find.

>New Soap

>Mummy was blindly shopping the other day & she had a surprise find.

She saw this soap on the shelf that caught her eye & she started perusing through the ingredients. Pass. And it’s organic. The only pity is that instead of Castile, it’s Glycerin.

the SOAP:

It’s baby soap!

Check out the ingredients:

Oh well. Since it’s the last bottle on the shelf, she quickly bought it to try it on us. Today we had our grooming.

Conclusion: It was slightly drying on our skin BUT it left our fur feeling soft. Best of all, it’s natural. And mummy loved that it has honey in it.


>Mum has been reading up on stuff to be used on our bodies & she prefers to use natural ingredients.

Vets used to prescribe medicated shampoo, especially for baubles & there have been alot of recommendations on shampoo that leaves dog’s fur nice silky smooth & fragrance that can stay on for a couple of days. There are people who even recommended mum to use head & shoulders on us.

There’s a book that recommends the types of shampoo that should & should not be used on us.

Stop & throw shampoos that contain:
– sodium laurel sulfate
– sodium laureth sulfate
– ammonium laurel sulfate

These are foaming ingredients which are inexpensive and caustic detergents. They lather well but are hard to rinse out. These chemical additives dry the skin and may promote hair loss.

Coconut based shampoos usually use lauric acid, which is chemically extracted from coconut husks and combined with sodium or ammonia. They strip off the protective lipid coatings from the coat & skin. Oatmeal baths are not recommended either as they clog up the pores and may create many kinds of irritation and even outbreaks of pimples or blisters. Lanolin, a product derived from sheep’s wool can coat hair follicles and attract dirt and dust.

Mummy went to dig out the shampoos that she bought and realised that one of them failed the test.

So she will stop using this on us.

As for dogpoo, it doesn’t contain any of the above.

she’ll probably use this once in a while.

Highly recommended natural shampoos should contain pure, simple castile with saponified oils of coconut, jojoba, olive & rosemary. Castile is vegetable based soap. And she found this:

Which one is this? It’s this one lor:

100% pass! So mum will continue to use this shampoo on us!

>Another pet shampoo

>mummy loves finds like these ~ she loves buying pet stuff from a shop that sells mostly products catered to humans.

she made use of the voucher given by joyce yiyi to buy this furry animal shampoo

organic herbal shampoo ~ lavendar, tea tree & peppermint! and it costs only $28.90, about half the price of dogpoo. (don’t be mistaken, dogpoo is really good. just that mum loves to get these new stuff to try sometimes)

the shop staff told mummy they have a regular customer who always buys this for their dogs. the customer loves her dog alot.

*ahem* we think mummy loves us just as much, if not more.

oh if you are keen to buy, you’ll need to ask the staff for it as they don’t display it on the shelf 🙂

>E-Shopping Spree Part 1

>Mummy went on a shopping spree online & ordered stuff from the States.

Because US$ has gone down liao (according to Mum lor).

And silly Mum forgot to add some items in her first purchase so she had to split into 2 times. Sigh, wonder why Mum so…ooops.

Here’s what she bought:

Left: Medicated Shampoo. This one is herbal medicated shampoo for both humans & pets

Centre: Pure Organic Kelp. This is harvested and processed in Northwest Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle, one of the most pristine environments found worldwide.

Right: Multi Vitamins (highly recommended by Holistic Vets)

It’s very sad that these items aren’t available in Singapore. Sigh.

>review: dogpoo

>mummy tried the dogpoo on us.

one word: beli good. oops, that’s 2.

it’s mild & she doesn’t even need to use conditioner on us as it leaves our fur feeling naturally soft.

worth the money, we guess?


>we think mum is very stress lately, coz she brought back something really strange.

it’s a bottle of liquid, and the packaging reads : Dogpoo

why on earth did she brought back a bottle of dogpoo when she could easily just get it from the 2 of us?

we overheard mum saying the last time that there was one dog owner who had to feed his dog poo, as he was allergic to everything, even vegetables.


we don’t want to eat poo poo.

the strange thing is, it doesn’t look like poo. it looks like pee pee in a bottle.


mum: hello..this is dog shampoo la. and it’s organic herbal shampoo which contains stuff like aloe vera, eucalyptus, tea tree, citronella, calendula..etc etc (too many to list la). and it costs $40 ok!!!!!

fine. why is mum grumbling?

mum: because even my own shampoo & shower gel only costs like 1/4 of that price lor!

but we didn’t ask her to buy what.