>off to hortpark!

>mummy brought us to hortpark today!

and it was really hot. the 2 of us were panting like siao barely 30minutes of walking. mummy gave us some water, thinking we were thirsty. but we didn’t really drink much.

mummy had the -_-” look.

we were hot, but not dehydrated lar.

well, hortpark wasn’t that fun because we had to remain leashed & besides us, there were only donut & yaki. and we did saw a brown lab along the way. well, other than that, all were humans.

we were looked upon like exhibits. people walking past us (we were sitting on a bench) and staring, pointing & taking photos of us, like as though we were weirdos.

we think humans are weird.

and donut ran away twice. the first time he ran, this stupid man went rattling off saying that we should watch over it.

mum was pretty cheesed off when she overheard that.

we are not IT. IT is used to refer to an item. We are living creatures. If anything, we should be called US, or HER or HIM.

that man was so rude. hope he gets nipped in the butt one day. roarrrr!

we haven’t bathed for a month so mum showered us after we reached home. sigh.

and baub puked. twice. 😦

mum was worried. baub usually doesn’t vomit & when he does, he gets really sick after that. mum is hoping that its’ nothing serious. and mum was grumbling that baub puked into her bag.


of all places. baub really know how to choose.

and today is treats making day! mum bought a new & sharper knife and me saw her slicing through the liver & lung effortlessly.

yes yes! beef liver & lung! yummy!

mum decided never to ever buy treats from a pet shop ever again. she bought some the other day as our usual dehydrated treats ran out. few days later, our bumps started appearing & it sent mum panicking again.

here’s some photos of us at hortpark!

a tired but happy me!

a stupid looking boy. oops. that’s baub.

another stupid looking photo of him. :p

and that’s both of us. both tired but happy.


>Sentosa & K9

>Pawrents brought us to Sentosa this morning!

We took Uncle Lawrence’s car & picked up 2 other furry canines along the way.Both Baubles & Donut (mum’s friend’s boarding MS) were both quarreling in the car & had to be pulled away. Think they couldn’t see eye to eye with each other. Boys will be boys. Both Yaki & Coffee were lying down comfortably in the car during the entire trip.

Not long after we reached, both Baubles & Donut quarreled again. Sigh. Wonder what’s wrong with them.Well, we both didn’t exactly like Sentosa. Yes we love outdoors & we so love to run around freely, unleashed. But mum actually dragged the 2 of us into the sea water >.Yaki wandering where Coffee is going.

Coffee wandering off.

Handsome Me.

Pretty Me.

Naughty Donut.

Pawrents then brought us to K9. First time they brought us to 2 places within a day. Heeeee. We kinda like K9 actually so we both didn’t mind.

There was this other MS, called Cobi. Very good looking.

This is Cobi:

He was very interested in the 2 of us. But we didn’t hiew him because we were both tired. Baubles was pretty distracted by other dogs actually.

And he went to disturb this other westie dog when in the field. Despite being barked & snapped at, he still went on & on to irritate her. And he looked really pleased for succeeding. DUH.

Photos again:

Me with the classic gong look that my pawrents love.

Yaki & Donut waiting eagerly for the food.

Sorry, no photos of Coffee at K9 as she was sitting beside mum most of the time.Till the next time.