Sentosa again!

After so long, Mummy brought us to Sentosa today.

She was undecided whether to bring Haru along (although she suspected Haru wouldn’t like it) so she checked with her AC friend. True – Haru didn’t want to. (PS: Mummy doesn’t like people who abuse the use of AC.  She might touch on that in a separate post.)

So it’s just us, Mummy & her cousin.

The weather today was PURRFECT. It looked like it was going to rain but it didn’t. It wasn’t sunny at all & it was cooling. There were a few dogs. In fact, mostly black dogs! HAHA.

And Baubs was SOOOOOOOOOO naughty today! He ventured out so far that Mummy totally lost sight of him. That totally freaked Mummy out because she spotted an incoming truck & she was worried Baubs might have gotten onto the tracks. Fortunately, Baubs was spotted like few hundred meters away under a tree. And, he got a scolding from Mummy as usual. Me? I stuck close to Mummy throughout. There were times I ventured alittle further but i made sure Mummy was always within sight.

Now some very few pictures:

And mummy loves this picture alot:

Looks like we were both watching out for her from far.

When we got home, we all received a pleasant surprise: Haru was waiting near the door for us! Heeeee.  So like a dog.


Gardens By the Bay

what better way to celebrate a dog’s birthday – bring them out for a walk & run!

mummy brought us both to Gardens By the Bay today. It was scorching hot. but we managed to walk for about 1.5 hour, and had some dashes & free runs in between. Very quiet on a Monday morning. We saw no more than 10 humans & 3 dogs during that time. Lovely. Mummy loves bringing us to quiet places like these so that we can run around freely.

Ok, let’s not bark too much now. Pictures! Mummy took quite a lot but decided to just post a few that she really liked:

these 2 uncle cyclists were really nice. not only did they not mind us walking off leash, they even reminded mummy to give us drinking water as the weather is really hot.

Mummy sometimes runs the opposite direction in order to make us run.

And sometimes, we do prefer to walk ourselves & explore the surrounding.

Mummy took very long to make us pose with the singapore flyer in the background.

Baubles kept finding places to lie down & rest. It was really hot.

You can rarely see the 2 of us sitting next to each other. This is a rare shot.

MBS in the background!

We sitting near the visitor’s centre waiting for pet taxi to pick us up. We are both really tired but happy. We love this place & would definitely return again!

PS: Haru is missing out the fun as she will still refuse to walk & Mummy didn’t want to have to carry her throughout. But she may be coming along with us next time 🙂

Happy Birthday to Mummy!

Mummy brought us to sentosa to celebrate her birthday.

Mum says if we are happy, she’s happy. So the best way to celebrate her own birthday is to bring us out!

Coffee ate a few stuff that were left on the sand by some beach goers – nuts & biscuits. And she came home and had diarrhea -.-|||

Overall, we had great fun. Tired but happy 🙂  Happy Birthday Mummy & oops, we totally forgot about Dad’s birthday in May. Never mind, next year la :p

Here are some photos.

And here’s Mummy’s favourite photo:

We had FUN!

Mummy brought us to Sentosa today & let us run round the beach freely!

We had tremendous fun! And the best part was, we had the whole beach to ourselves for a good 1 hour!

HAHA. we look like siao gao :p

Not many photos taken as mummy was keeping a close watch on us in case we ran off too far!

Hope we can go to the beach again soon!

>day out!

>mummy woke the 2 of us up as early as 7am today.


although sleepy, we know mum has planned some activities for both of us today. hmm we wonder what’s the occassion.

as usual, uncle lawrence came to pick us up & off we go! we were so excited!

we were driving through the long stretch of road where there’s loads of forestry.

we overheard mum mentioned there are monkeys. what is that??

we didn’t know what a monkey was until we got down.


sorry, mum didn’t manage to capture photos of any monkeys because the 2 of us went hysterical when we saw them – and there was a group of about 10 of them running together!

anyway, we did have loads of fun, walking, running, pooping, peeing, screaming, chasing & resting.

we stayed till about 2 hours & uncle lawrence came to pick us up. we thought we were heading home but to our surprise, we were brought to another place – a newly opened pet cafe @ guillemard road.

the place was really spacious & i overheard mum kept scolding coffee.well, coffee’s not really herself today. maybe she’s like a bird released from the cage. she kept jumping onto the table & chairs, and mum ain’t too pleased with it – because a human actually told mum to get coffee off the table.

sigh. me think mum had to carry coffee off the table for almost 10 times?

and me? i was kinda attracted to this westie who was wearing a dress & booties. it’s really strange why humans dress dogs up when they are out on a hot day. hmmmm…anyway, yeah, i find her really ‘HOT’.

anyway, we saw loads of furries there, including domofi!

mum didn’t snap any photos of us at the cafe as she’s too busy with ‘traffic control’. she noticed we both were kinda out of control. but someone managed to take this photo of me:

well, i look glum because i was eyeing this female westie in booties. and mum refuses to let me go near her & kept saying i’m cheeko pek. wonder what that is.

check out my glossy looking fur. oooooh

and here are some pictures of us at the park!

yes, coffee looks kinda insane here. pardon her.

well, my sister’s kinda weird today.

and here’s a picture of the two of us 🙂