Comprehensive Health Check

Mom sent us both the Seniors for our comprehensive Health Check. We missed one last year.

The health check includes:
Complete Blood Count

Blood Chemistry

Blood Pressure



Here’s them waiting at the vet

a very worried looking coffee. she hates vet visits. always super nervous & tries to get out.

scared coff

baubles couldn’t care less so long as i’m with him. he’s more interested in what’s going on outside.

cant be bothered baub

Baubs’ Blood Tests Results – Slightly elevated BUN is due to dehydration as they just went for their walks before heading to the vet

baub cbcbaub chem

Coffee’s Blood Tests Results

  • Slightly elevated BUN is due to dehydration as they just went for their walks before heading to the vet
  • Slightly elevated EOS – well coffee has a terrible habit of picking up things from the floor so she could have ingested stuff.

coff chemcoff cbc

Urinalysis – concentration was normal. X-rays were normal.

Dental condition – excellent. Vet was surprised with their teeth despite their age (both are 8 years old) & thought they had gone for dental scaling. Never did. And I don’t brush their teeth either.

Mom’s overall very pleased with their health checks. For the skeptics, these results have proven that RAW IS THE BEST DIET FOR THE K9. Not commercial raw but HOME MADE RAW.


Fur growth

Mummy blogged about Baubles’ thinning fur (actually he was close to balding) the last time.

Just to share a before & after pics.

Here’s the before pic taken about 6 months ago (when vegetables have already been removed from their diet totally):


As you can see, it’s clearly thinning really badly, on both sides. Even fur on his hind legs was affected.

Mummy was clueless about the thinning. It happened gradually for more than a year. She posted on raw feeding forums & googled but found no answers.

So she tried to recall what changes were made to the diet. There was almost none – except the removal of vegetables. Although Mummy was skeptical about this, but she thought it could be due to that.

So, she started adding vegetables back to our diet about a month ago.

Now, this is a recent photo:


Fur is starting to grow back, very slowly but surely.

Mummy would like to reiterate that she’s not insisting vegetables is a must have item in the raw diet. Her point here is that, an owner must always be flexible & be prepared to modify the diet, depending on your dog’s health. With the removal of vegetables, it affected Baubles’ fur growth but it has nil effect on me (coffee). But she’s adding the vegetables to both our meats anyway.

Relationship triangle

M: Coffee has always been antisocial towards other animals. She loves humans but takes forever to warm up to animals – sometimes never.

With this character of hers, one really wonders if she can get along with other animals in the family. Although she’s antisocial, she’s not aggressive towards them. she simply, ignores. she minds her own business. if she’s disturbed, she will walk away. but if one goes overboard, she still does not fight but simply growl to warn the other party off. in this instance, she’s totally like me. some may disagree & think that i will step into other people’s boundary such as “controlling” the friends they want to make. those who really know me, will know that i have more important things to do.  my philosophy in life has always been “i don’t step into your territory, so don’t step into mine.” And Coffee is exactly like that too.

Baubles, on the other hand, can be a tad irritating & attention seeking. Because of this, Coffee never took a liking to him. It took her many years to accept him & allowed him to be near her. Baubles used to be a terribly timid boy. He hides when strangers come to our house.  And he’s the direct opposite of Coffee – he’s very sociable & loves making friends. And when he likes the dog, he will be very persistent & irritating. But if he doesn’t, he will simply be uninterested & ignore.  As Baubles grew older & larger, he became bolder. He still has the timid streak in him definitely. But he tries to put up a brave front now whenever strangers come to our house. He hides no more & will bark incessantly. Because of this, people tend to be afraid & thought he will bite. LOL And he takes way longer to warm up to humans. Very long.

Sometimes one wonders how these 2 dogs can get along & live together, as both had such contrasting characters. Fortunately, they did. Coffee is a tolerant dog, while Baubles is rather easy going. These 2 characteristics complement each other rather well.

And with a third, and of a different species, I was more so afraid that this triangular relationship will be even more complicated.

But one tends to forget that animals are not as complicated as humans. They are simple minded creatures & they don’t think that much nor be suspicious of each other.

Haru has a gentle temperament. She somehow, resembles Baubles pretty much. Timid, a tad irritating & attention seeking. She warms up to animals & humans pretty fast though. She allows to be cuddled (but not too long) – Baubles can be cuddled too & for very long. She hates baths but will allow you to bathe her, but will need to put up with her persistent meowing. And not surprisingly, she’s close to Baubles.

It’s impossible to see the 3 of them close to each other. It’s always Coffee & Baubles, or Baubles with Haru.

Baubles & Coffee have been with each other for 5 years. Haru has been with us for 1.5 yrs & I think she’s closer to Baubles than Baubles is to Coffee.

But today, I saw 2 of them cuddling beside each other. Something which I have never ever seen in the past 5 years. Pure coincidence or not, I do not know. But it was a sweet moment for me which I needed to capture it:


>This is a horrifying experience of me, Coffee, the little princess of the paws family.

Mum sent me to the vet clinic today & left me there. I was scared to death. I thought Mum didn’t want me anymore. Usually when pawrents bring us to the clinic, they will accompany us to the consultation room. But this time, it was different. Mum just handed me over to the nurse, followed by a brief conversation that was exchanged between them.

And the moment I saw Mum turned her back at me & the nurse carried me into a room. I was HORRIFIED.

They drew out my blood & then moments later, I fell into deep sleep. I didn’t know what was happening.

When I woke up, still feeling groggy, I looked around & realised I was in a cage still. It was around 7pm I think when the nurse opened up the cage & carried me out. As I was too tired & sleepy, I didn’t know what to expect anyway.

Next thing I knew was, I saw Mum. Next, I saw Dad & Baubles.

I had mixed feelings.

Firstly, yes, I was relieved to see familiar faces that I really loved. On the other hand, I was angry with Mum for leaving me at the clinic & making me go through this nightmare.

I refuse to look at Mum throughout the car ride. I did sneak a kiss at Dad though. I can sense that Mum was feeling really upset.

Of course she has to be! I had tears welled up in both my eyes. I CRIED & I STILL WAS!!!!

Why me? What happened to me at the clinic??!!


It was only like few days later when I started jumping around as per normal that i found out Mum sent me for spaying aka sterilisation. She didn’t want me to make babies & neither did she want me to go through the heat which made me really moody.

Mum even joked that I’m a butch now. >.<

Mum’s contemplating about sending Baubles too, as she’s worried Baubles maybe too weak to take the GA. He even had past encounter where he had a bad reaction after taking a flu med. Mum isn’t prepared for Baubles to take the risk yet so she decided to leave him intact for now.

And I could tell that I made Mum really guilty for sending me to be spayed as I was crying like a crybaby after that.

Hey, those were real tears mind you.