We found…

Some books that we bought the last time at a local bookstore! And the prices are slightly cheaper as well.

You can go check them at this bookstore:

{ prologue } is located at ION Orchard, 4th floor.

Some books we found there include:

Happy shopping!


>New books!

>Mummy ordered more books to read & they were delivered yesterday!

Within a day, she finished reading one of them & she loved that book!

And so, her favourite book by far is The Whole Pet Diet – simple & straightforward

>Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover’s Story of Joy and Anguish


Mummy bought this book at a book fair. She showed us the cover & we both thought there was another dog looking at us.


We saw Mummy crying buckets as she flipped through the back pages of the book. We were both wondering why she’s so sad.

Apparently, the book tells the tale of Mark who owns 2 dogs: Pepsi & Sprite. He got pepsi when he was a pup. Sprite, on the other hand, is a rescued dog from the pound. He was almost put to sleep. There is no history on Sprite & by the time Mark adopted him, he was estimated to be around 10 or more years old.

Sprite was a happy dog, despite having through bad times. He was friendly & ever so trusting of humans. He brought so much joy to the family and was a great companion to Pepsi.

Sadly, good times don’t last forever. Sprite’s health started failing during his 2nd year with Mark & family. The number of visits to the vet were plenty.

Mark described the entire ordeal of having to deal with his failing health & having the decision to put him to sleep in the end.

Mummy couldn’t stop crying as she knows that one day, we will both leave her too. There is no forever.

But we want to assure Mum that, no matter what, we will always love her. We need not be together forever. We are just contented & happy to have her & daddy now. We view each day as a brand new day.

We all know baubles has always been the weaker one among the 2 of us. Mummy is so afraid she cannot cope with the loss of anyone of us. The fear does overwhelm her at times. So that’s why, she really treasures us both & despite the numerous visits to vets & having to deal with multiple medication problem for Baubles, Mummy still hung on.

Mummy knew from Day 1 Baubles was different. She’s always saying & repeating that Baubles is so unlike any other puppies. He’s always lethargic – he lies down most of the times & doesn’t seem to have energy to play. He doesn’t play much – most of the time he just look at coffee. He doesn’t chew – the furniture & toys were all intact – he really should be teething but he just doesn’t chew. And he’s always falling sick – and when he’s sick, he’s super sick and vets don’t seem to have answer for that.

Baubles seem different now. At least that’s what Mummy hopes. She noticed Baubles has become naughtier, more active & loves to play & disturb us. She hopes Baubles stay this way.

As for me, the girl & apple in Mummy’s eyes, I will always be that special one because I’m the first dog that Mum brought into the family.