Comprehensive Health Check

Mom sent us both the Seniors for our comprehensive Health Check. We missed one last year.

The health check includes:
Complete Blood Count

Blood Chemistry

Blood Pressure



Here’s them waiting at the vet

a very worried looking coffee. she hates vet visits. always super nervous & tries to get out.

scared coff

baubles couldn’t care less so long as i’m with him. he’s more interested in what’s going on outside.

cant be bothered baub

Baubs’ Blood Tests Results – Slightly elevated BUN is due to dehydration as they just went for their walks before heading to the vet

baub cbcbaub chem

Coffee’s Blood Tests Results

  • Slightly elevated BUN is due to dehydration as they just went for their walks before heading to the vet
  • Slightly elevated EOS – well coffee has a terrible habit of picking up things from the floor so she could have ingested stuff.

coff chemcoff cbc

Urinalysis – concentration was normal. X-rays were normal.

Dental condition – excellent. Vet was surprised with their teeth despite their age (both are 8 years old) & thought they had gone for dental scaling. Never did. And I don’t brush their teeth either.

Mom’s overall very pleased with their health checks. For the skeptics, these results have proven that RAW IS THE BEST DIET FOR THE K9. Not commercial raw but HOME MADE RAW.


Blepharitis III

And so, Baubles’ eye problem came back. This time, I missed out on giving vegetables to him for 2 weeks.

Sigh. Sometimes I wonder if he’s a herbivore.

Anyway, I tried a few methods (natural) methods but it doesn’t seem to go away.

1) Chamomile Tea – not much of difference. sometimes it gets worse

2) Silver Sol – in fact i noticed it kinda worsened the condition. Goodness knows why!

3) Water – yes, water. just plain, slightly acidic water from my filter system. I have it chilled. Left it in the freezer for about 5 minutes (but not too long as it will become ice!)..then use a cotton ball & dampen it with the water. then dab on his eyes. do it at least a few times daily. for me, i could only do it twice a day as I’m working. The blepharitis is subsiding slowly but surely.

Sometimes you don’t need fanciful treatments. You just need time & patience. I read about treatment (3) online for HUMANS. Sadly, there isn’t any stated for dogs. And since it’s just chilled water, there totally wasn’t any danger in applying it on the dogs. ūüôā

And you must have the patience. It doesn’t just go away in a day or 2 (although it probably will if you were to seek treatment from a vet). It takes weeks at the minimum to heal.

Fur growth

Mummy blogged about Baubles’ thinning fur (actually he was close to balding) the last time.

Just to share a before & after pics.

Here’s the before pic taken about 6 months ago (when vegetables have already been removed from their diet totally):


As you can see, it’s clearly thinning really badly, on both sides. Even fur on his hind legs was affected.

Mummy was clueless about the thinning. It happened gradually for more than a year. She posted on raw feeding forums & googled but found no answers.

So she tried to recall what changes were made to the diet. There was almost none – except the removal of vegetables. Although Mummy was skeptical about this, but she thought it could be due to that.

So, she started adding vegetables back to our diet about a month ago.

Now, this is a recent photo:


Fur is starting to grow back, very slowly but surely.

Mummy would like to reiterate that she’s not insisting vegetables is a must have item in the raw diet. Her point here is that, an owner must always be flexible & be prepared to modify the diet, depending on your dog’s health. With the removal of vegetables, it affected Baubles’ fur growth but it has nil effect on me (coffee). But she’s adding the vegetables to both our meats anyway.

Relationship triangle

M: Coffee has always been antisocial towards other animals. She loves humans but takes forever to warm up to animals – sometimes never.

With this character of hers, one really wonders if she can get along with other animals in the family. Although she’s antisocial, she’s not aggressive towards them. she simply, ignores. she minds her own business. if she’s disturbed, she will walk away. but if one goes overboard, she still does not fight but simply growl to warn the other party off. in this instance, she’s totally like me. some may disagree & think that i will step into other people’s boundary such as “controlling” the friends they want to make. those who really know me, will know that i have more important things to do. ¬†my philosophy in life has always been “i don’t step into your territory, so don’t step into mine.” And Coffee is exactly like that too.

Baubles, on the other hand, can be a tad irritating & attention seeking. Because of this, Coffee never took a liking to him. It took her many years to accept him & allowed him to be near her. Baubles used to be a terribly timid boy. He hides when strangers come to our house. ¬†And he’s the direct opposite of Coffee – he’s very sociable & loves making friends. And when he likes the dog, he will be very persistent & irritating. But if he doesn’t, he will simply be uninterested & ignore. ¬†As Baubles grew older & larger, he became bolder. He still has the timid streak in him definitely. But he tries to put up a brave front now whenever strangers come to our house. He hides no more & will bark incessantly. Because of this, people tend to be afraid & thought he will bite. LOL And he takes way longer to warm up to humans. Very long.

Sometimes one wonders how these 2 dogs can get along & live together, as both had such contrasting characters. Fortunately, they did. Coffee is a tolerant dog, while Baubles is rather easy going. These 2 characteristics complement each other rather well.

And with a third, and of a different species, I was more so afraid that this triangular relationship will be even more complicated.

But one tends to forget that animals are not as complicated as humans. They are simple minded creatures & they don’t think that much nor be suspicious of each other.

Haru has a gentle temperament. She somehow, resembles Baubles pretty much. Timid, a tad irritating & attention seeking. She warms up to animals & humans pretty fast though. She allows to be cuddled (but not too long) – Baubles can be cuddled too & for very long. She hates baths but will allow you to bathe her, but will need to put up with her persistent meowing. And not surprisingly, she’s close to Baubles.

It’s impossible to see the 3 of them close to each other. It’s always Coffee & Baubles, or Baubles with Haru.

Baubles & Coffee have been with each other for 5 years. Haru has been with us for 1.5 yrs & I think she’s closer to Baubles than Baubles is to Coffee.

But today, I saw 2 of them cuddling beside each other. Something which I have never ever seen in the past 5 years. Pure coincidence or not, I do not know. But it was a sweet moment for me which I needed to capture it:

Happy 5th Barkday Baubles!

Today is Christmas & it’s also Baubles’ barkday.

Sometimes, thinking back, I wondered if he really is born on Christmas Day because the vacc card stated his DOB as 24 Dec 2oo7. The farm explained that the vet has wrote the wrong date. Somehow I felt that because selling a pup whose DOB falls on Christmas is a unique selling point for them.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Christmas or not, to me, he’s God’s gift to me.

Baubles will always be that really special dog to me. He’s always been different.

Happy Birthday to you Baubles. Hope you stay healthy & happy for many more years to come.

Slow (but steady) road to recovery

Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been quite busy & we’ve been updating more frequently on our FB rather than our blog.

Anyway, just a minor update.

Baub’s eye problem, which started in mid 2011, is on the road to recovery.

Mummy has had many setbacks when it comes to trying to cure our issues but one thing for sure – she won’t give up. And she won’t resort to quick fix every time, as she knows this don’t work.

It was in early Dec 2011, Mummy decided to switch to using Chamomile teabag to clean Baub’s eyes daily. In addition, she also started us on the marine phytoplankton about 2 – 3 ¬†weeks back.

She didn’t see any significant improvement initially. In fact, Baub’s eyes (especially the left side), was tearing so badly everyday that his eyelids were glued together every morning & Mummy had to moisten that area to pull his lids open.

Yes, it was that bad.

It was only few days ago, Mummy noticed improvements & she was happy.

Here’s a photo of how his eye looked now:

If you had seen his previous photo, you would have noticed the swell has gone down significantly & fur was growing back slowly as well.

Mummy couldn’t have been happier. The other eye is still slightly swollen but she will continue with the chamomile teabags & our usual diet & supplements.

Looking back, it took about 7 – 8 months for Mum to treat Baub’s condition. A long time but at least she knows, the methods she’s using is safe.

Blepharitis II

As a continuation from the last post on Blepharitis, Baubles’ condition came back, and this time it got worse. Both eyelids got infected

Both his eyes were bloodshot (pink eye) & he scratched till the eyelids bled.

This time, Mummy decided to send him to vet, to find out what was wrong. It was after 2 months (or maybe more), Mum resorted to vet visit, something that she dreaded.

We went to ARVC & we were behaving like siao gao. Mummy guessed we didn’t know we were there to see the¬†animal doctor. Baubles was so excited on seeing other dogs & wanted to go over¬†& say hello. Mummy commented that all the dogs look so quiet & asked that we behaved like patients since we were there to see the doctor. -___-|||

Baubles was seen by Dr Eugene Lin, the same vet who treated his suspected tick fever condition. They took Baubles’¬†weight & he had put on 1kg, since his last¬†visit to¬†this vet in 2009. He’s now 8.2kg. Vet said it was¬†fine. Mummy took my weight too for¬†the fun of it, as she commented¬†that my waistline¬†was missing. Surprisingly, I¬†¬†put on a mere 200gm only & I weighed 5.6kg.

Vet took a skin scrap test on both his eyes & checked for parasites. Nothing found. In fact, nothing unusual found. Mummy was thinking even if there was parasites, they could have already been killed by the silver. He went on check to ensure that his corneas were fine.

Mummy went¬†on to ask what was wrong &¬†again,¬†vet couldn’t pin point the exact cause. As usual. Daddy said¬†it’s common as vets can only do a prognosis & quoted¬†an example of a human having diarrhea & doctor can only guess that it could be food poisoning. However, it could be other factors like gastric flu or parasites.

Mummy asked the vet if his condition was called Blepharitis. The vet looked surprised & said yes, and went to ask Mum how she knew. Mummy admitted that she did some research online. Mummy merely wanted a confirmation that his condition was indeed Blepharitis.

Vet went on to flush his eyes with saline & injected him with antibiotics & steroids. This is something Mum totally hates.

But having read up on several natural / holistic sites, they did mention that if all else fails, steroids/antibiotics will be the last resort.

Mummy had exhausted everything. She had googled up on Blepharitis & all the natural remedies on the sites have been tried & tested by her. In fact all mentioned that the natural remedies should work within a couple of weeks if not, a vet visit is a must.

And she didn’t want to risk losing Baubles’ eye sight.

(Mummy: There is indeed not much information on Blepharitis online. I wonder how I’m going to do this. Sigh.)

Past few months had been quite an ordeal. I hope Baubles’ recover soon as Mummy had been paying too much attention on him again!


We mentioned previously that Baubles had eye infection.

To be exact, he had Blepharitis, which is basically inflammation of the eyelid.

Mummy never sent him to the vet. We know most humans would have criticsed Mum for not doing so. Mum has her reason for not sending him to the vet.

Mummy suspected his Blepharitis was caused by food allergy. The main culprit could be Spirulina.

It may sound weird but if you do google up, humans & animals can have allergy towards spirulina. Mum has stopped giving this to Baubles.

We’ll be showing you a photo of his eye taken several weeks back. Please do not be alarmed. You may find the photo disturbing.

Yes, this is how swollen his lids were. And not only were the lids swollen, fur around the area & eye lashes were gone.

Mum tried herbs from the Petalive range & applied onto his eyes initially but it didn’t work that effectively. For awhile, Mum saw some improvements but after awhile, the condition deteriorated.

Finally, Mum decided to try Silver Sol.

For about 1.5 week. Mum saw improvements.

Baubles’ eye lid has not healed fully but it’s looking much better now.

Here’s the now. Fur has started to grow back & eyelashes are growing back slowly.

Sorry for the not so clear photos. Mum took it using her phone cam at night.

The swell has subsided slightly. As with all alternative treatment, please be patient. Do not expect to see results immediately. If you want quick fix, go to the vet.

Mum is also supporting his eye with this supplement called Vision Enhancement. He will be put on this supplement for a short period. Do exercise caution & discretion when feeding supplements. Mum loves this range of herbal supplement. You can check them out at their website . They have a wide range. They are all meant for humans by the way.

Please do not attempt any of this on your dog, unless you know what you are doing & is confident enough to do it.

Our purpose of posting this is to share with you the effectiveness of Silver Sol. Google up on it & you will realise it has many uses, even for humans.

Baubles was never born healthy. He’s from the farm. So it’s not surprising that he has a host of issues. Up till now, he still has existing medical conditions which the vet has diagnosed through x-ray 2 years ago. The only treatment is surgery. Mum is trying¬†to keep them under control.

You may find it surprising & ask, Baubles is on a raw organic diet. So shouldn’t he be in fantastic, tip top condition?

Mum’s reply to this will be:

“Diet plays an important & in fact, a huge role, no doubt about it. But genetics as well. Diet can only help to improve his health but it cannot convert him into a perfectly healthy dog. Time & again, I have stressed that barf / raw diet is not a miracle diet. Yes, it may work wonders for some dogs. And some dogs thrive perfectly on this diet, living a good 20odd years. Some even having zero health or skin issues with not a single vet visit. But every dog is different. Please remember this. If you noticed, most of the time¬†I blogged about Baubles’ health issues, but not Coffee. Comparing the 2, Baubles is the weaker one. Yes, he’s the less healthy one.¬†They are different, very different.

I am not afraid to be honest about Baubles’ health issues, despite him being on an organic raw diet. Because I hope this serves as a reminder that no matter how good a diet is, it can never be a perfect one, as it cannot create miracles. But, neither am I trying to dampen anyone’s hopes. I would still advise people, if your dog is weak or has health issues like skin or immunity problems, go the organic & raw way. Try it. Results may not be guaranteed but if you don’t try, you won’t know. Over the course of 3 years where both my dogs were on raw, of which they were only given organic probably a year ago, I have, undoubtedly, seen vast improvements in both their health.

Back then, Baubles was¬†in such a bad shape. He had no energy ie lethargic & he’s always falling sick. He is so much better now. And I’m glad that I have chosen this diet for him & Coffee.”