>For Adoption: Crystal the female MS


Name: Crystal
Breed: Mini Schnauzer
Age: 4+ year old
Sex: Female
Sterilised: Yes
Any health issues: Underwent surgery for kidney stones but has since recovered. MS bumps (very minor)
Potty training: In house trained (newspapers)
Temperament: Fantastic. Super friendly & manja
Reason for giving up: Owner is shifting to a rented place & her maid is leaving. Owner has been diagnosed with cancer & will be hospitalised by end March for chemo.
Mummy: I went to view Crystal personally. She is a very friendly & sweet dog. Not barkish either. Doesn’t behave like a 4+ year old dog at all. Very very puppyish & very active. I don’t think she’s suitable for a family with seniors nor very young children. Rather, she needs a family who’s active & is able to exercise her often. She’s very well taken care of & other than her history of kidney stones, Crystal looks great & she’s a great dog. I will be screening very strictly on her adoption. She’s currently on Science Diet, white rice & occassional cooked minced meat. I will be changing her diet to BARF soon as she needs to shed some weight.
Email to Low.coffee@gmail.com with details of yourself, your family & your experience with dogs.

>For adoption: BOBO

>Another fellow MS is up for adoption.

Sigh. Everytime when Mummy hears news of this, she feels really sad. MS are such affectionate dogs.

Oh well, there’s nothing we can do if owner has made up their mind to give up their buddy for adoption.

If you are interested in having our friend as part of your family, do email to Mummy (Low.coffee@gmail.com) with an introduction of yourself k?

Name: Bobo
Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Age: 4+ year old
Reason for giving up: Bobo is jealous of owner’s baby & has to be caged up all the time. Owner decided Bobo is better off in a new family.
Others: Bobo may not be suitable for families with children.

>Kuro is up for adoption

>Remember Kuro?

His owner has decided to put him for adoption. =(

Well, Mummy is helping to find him a new owner. So please email to Mummy if you are interested. Here’s some information on Kuro:

Gender: Male
DOB: 21st March 2009
Sterilised: No
Type of Food he’s on: Wet food, sweet potato, brocolli, carrots occasional dry food
Health issues : Skin bumps (similar to schnauzer bumps)
Temperament: Good
Toilet trained: Outdoor
Adoption Fees: Any amount (for goodwill)
Others: Excited and happy to see other dogs. Obedient, sticky to owner. He’s abit of a mounter..so may not be suitable for families with young kids.

Reason for giving up: Owner needs to travel often due to his new job. He’s the main caregiver.

Adopter must sign an adoption agreement & allow house visits.

Please PM or email me at low.coffee@gmail.com if you are interested. Please give an introduction of yourself, your experience with dogs & why you want to adopt Kuro. One liner will be ignored.

About Schnoodle – schnoodles are a hybrid between a schnauzer & poodle. They are hypoallergenic & very intelligent dogs.

Due to his skin problem, owner has shaved him down:

This is Kuro when he’s furry:

>Griffy for Adoption *ADOPTED*

>Mum’s friend has another MS for adoption.

Sigh. Not good news but at least, mum felt that he could do better in a new home.

Griffy is a 2 year old male salt & pepper MS. He’s been caged up most of his life and his owners did not know how to take care of him. Which cause him to be deprived of love, attention & exercise. That’s why he tends to be really hyper.

We haven’t met him but according to Mum’s friend, Griffy is very friendly with humans & he goes excited when he sees other dogs. Errr, same as us la.

Anyway, we all mean no harm.

So, if you are keen to give Griffy a home, please email to mum at low.coffee@gmail.com

and please don’t judge him because of his looks. All dogs with fur look like that when they are shaved down. with tlc & time, Griffy will blossom into a beautiful dog, just like the 2 of us.

>Russ for Adoption *ADOPTED*

>a friend of mum’s friend is giving up her mini schnauzer for adoption.

sad but we can’t do much.

here’s some information about our doggy pal.

Name : Russ
Gender : Male
Age : 2yrs +
Temperament : Tame, friendly, playful, active, good with humans and small dogs
Health : Good
Basic command: Sit
Diet : Dry food, loves apples
Toilet trained : Tray with papers
Sterilized : Yes
Vaccination : Yes

Please email to low.coffee@gmail.com if you are keen. Teens need not apply. Please give mum an introduction of yourself & your family & your experience with dogs.

Mum has received quite a number of emails enquiring about Russ already. BUT she’s not convinced by many of them.

Think mum is very strict when screening. She said that an existing dog owner doesn’t necessarily mean a dog lover or knows much about dogs. Many dog owners are killing their own dogs with their laziness & ignorance.

Yes MUM, you are the best, at least to us. so please continue to read more and feed us more good food ok?


>the story of elfy boy

>elfy is a male MS.

he’s estimated to be about 5 years old. rescued from the farm by mummy’s friends. he was abandoned at the farm. no one knows who his original owner is. where he used to stay for the past 5 years. what he used to eat.

he knows basic commands like sit & shake hands. he loves food. very very greedy boy.

he also loves humans but detests kids.

he loves tummy rubs. and he’s partially toilet trained.

his temperament is good. but he doesn’t get along with all dogs, only selective. in fact, i (baubles) fought with him.

no one knows why he was abandoned.

people say he’s ugly. it is true he’s not as good looking as some other dogs. his teeth are crooked. his fur turned brown.

but mummy is angry with people who put him down for his looks.

if he’s ugly, then humans are worse because they are the ones who made him this way.

if pawrents didn’t take care of us properly, we may end up looking like him too. even for humans, if they don’t take the time & effort maintaining or caring for themselves, they will appear unkempt too.

mummy cannot understand why do people judge elfy based on his appearance when he doesn’t.

despite his fate, elfy still trusts humans. his tail never stopped to wag.

elfy is currently staying temporarily with mum’s parents house. her mum loves elfy to bits, despite not being accepted by her dad & aunt, because they are the same as many others: they feel he’s not good looking. we know mum is disappointed with her family members as all they care is about appearances & reaping what they sow.

fortunately, elfy has an owner now – his fosterer. but because his fosterer’s house is temporarily full, he has to put up at mum’s parents house for 2 weeks.

despite humans despising how he looks, elfy never once stop giving them happiness. he never failed them even though humans have failed him terribly.

elfy has many more good years to come. although we both don’t really like him, we wish him all the best in his forever home.

here’s elfy boy @ mum’s mother house…