Chicken – Myth or Fact?

To date, I still hear alot of people (friends included) telling me that they do not feed chicken to their dogs, either because vet has advised against it or that they claim their dogs are allergic to it (especially for certain breeds such as schnauzers, who have been infamously known as the breed who is highly allergic to chicken).


I feed my dogs organic chicken once in awhile. Organic chicken is hardly available locally now due to the bird flu epidemic.

The very first time I fed a raw chicken to my dogs was when they were puppies – around 8 months of age. Being new to raw feeding, i thought meats bought from any place is fine. So I bought chicken wings from wet market.

It was a huge mistake.

Baubles broke out in rashes almost immediately. One would have thought – oh dear, he’s allergic to chicken! No chicken for him! Coffee on the other hand didn’t seem to have a reaction – i would like to stress again, every dog is different. So it doesn’t mean that if one dog does ok, the other dog should do fine in the long term on that meat.

There were both rights & wrongs to the problems above & I shall list them below:

1) Baubles (Mini Schnauzer) is allergic to chicken!

WRONG. To be exact, Baubles is only allergic to chickens injected with hormones/antibiotics & fed with GMO feeds. So he’s fed strictly organic chickens & he does really well.

2) Coffee seems to do fine on the normal chicken since she’s half aschnauzer only!

WRONG. Allergy has NOTHING to do with breed. Even if she appears to be tolerant doesn’t mean it’s good for her. Feeding dogs chickens injected with hormones/antibiotics are not good for them in the long term.

3) ORGANIC chickens are impossible to find & they are expensive!

It’s true that it’s hard to purchase organic chickens in Singapore but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get. But it is also true, they are comparatively more expensively.

There used to be:

Rosie Organic Chicken


Eberly’s Organic Chicken


Now, the only organic chicken i can find is this:


If you are unable to purchase any organic chicken, the next best closest chicken will be hormones/antibiotics free chicken, which you can purchase from butchers such as meat the butcher or swiss butchery.

So, it’s a myth that dogs are allergic to chicken. But it is a fact that dogs will not do well on chickens injected with hormones/antibiotics.


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