Sew sew many

The mom has been heavily hooked onto sewing these days.

she started off sewing curtains, then she tried sewing collars, leashes, cushion covers, bags, purses & the latest addition is a dog bed!

she is so excited and proud of her “products” that she insisted on showing them off here.

ok, we shall give her some ‘airtime’ and let her show only dog related items:

image image

Dog collars! The pink one is a martingale collar, who is supposed to be a more humane collar. The starry one is a regular collar – purely as an accessory and not for leashing it to walk dog. It has a metal buckle where you can engrave owner’s details on it!


Houndstooth design leash! Mom loves houndstooth! She loves that she can sew our leashes as she can decide on the length 🙂


The dog bed! She only has time to sew one for now. So the 2 of us had to fight to sleep on it. She made the bed cover and the insert as well. She ordered kapok from overseas and bought organic lavender. The fabric she used for the bed is also organic! Can’t wait for the other bed to be ready.


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