raw feeding is not suitable for my dog


i find it strange when people claim that their dogs cannot eat raw.

animals are supposed to eat raw foods. nobody cooks their foods, except humans. i try to find out why they feel raw foods aren’t suitable. the most common reason is the effect of raw: the dog has diarrhea. some have breakouts. some became lethargic.

to be honest, these are very common effects.

coffee, had diarrhea, on & off for 2 months when she was raw fed. both had occasional skin breakouts when raw fed. these symptoms appeared mostly in the beginning.

diarrhea: being the most common ‘problem’.

my advice to most people is to convert their dog to raw feeding straightaway : cold turkey. most people are skeptical as the drastic food change might have a negative impact.

true. it depends on dog to dog. baubles had no issue, while coffee took a while to adapt to it. another dog that i fostered had no issue as well.

to be honest, i almost wanted to give up raw feeding for them, when coffee’s persistent diarrhea lasted for 2 months. it was no joke. i am really happy i didn’t give up – both have been on raw for more than 6 years, and counting.

raw feeding ain’t rocket science. there are lots of trial & error. but people shouldn’t dive into raw feeding without reading anything about it either. do some background research.

one of the common problems about raw feeding is the type of meats which people tend to feed.

for one: supermarket / market meats is a problem itself, in Singapore. many of them are enhanced meats. meaning, they are injected with hormones, antibiotics or sodium. i’ve always encouraged people to get meats from the butchers & ask where these meats come from. where as in, where they are farmed & to find out how they are raised/farmed. this is but a basic & perhaps the most decent one thing that anyone should do, when feeding raw meats.

secondly, which animal? many people make the mistake of feeding only 1 type of animal. DO feed a variety. BUT, a variety does not mean feeding chicken, beef, lamb, pork all in a meal. by variety, i mean to alternate the meats. you need not be feeding chicken on mon, beef on tues, lamb on wed, etc etc. again, this isn’t necessary. there should ideally be a ‘staple’ meat. for mine, their staple meat is lamb. and i give them chicken 3 times a week. pork are solely treats. i’ve stopped beef simply because of an advice from a vet : he mentioned that beef causes inflammation. it is true for the case for coffee. and red meats & grass fed is best.

thirdly: which animal parts. unfortunately, animal parts are limited in singapore. and i meant ethically farmed animals. yes, one can easily find all sorts of organs & even pig heads in sheng siong or wet markets. but no thank you. i’d rather skip those, totally. and some tend to feed only minced meats or the cheapest cuts of meats. please give a variety. for us, we get mainly rumps, loin, fillet, shoulder, shank. for chicken, we eat every part (except for legs/head), which is a huge pity because these are totally missing in organic chickens. there are some parts of the animals that contains loads of fats: these will inevitably cause diarrhea. feeding too much organs will cause diarrhea too, that is why i always include organs only when they are fed bones.

these are the 3 key factors that one needs to consider, when you decide to feed raw to your dogs (or cat).


4 thoughts on “raw feeding is not suitable for my dog

  1. Where would you suggest would be a good (and cheap) place to obtain organic chicken? Firstly I’m still living with my parents and they get naggy since they do not see a need in this.

    • Hi Amy sorry for the very late reply. currently alot of places have stopped selling organic chicken due to the bird flu. organic chickens are never cheap. the next best will be hormones & antibiotics free chicken which are often raised in malaysia and imported to singapore. you can get them from meat the butcher or swiss butchery.

  2. Hi!
    I started my now 10 month old pug on the raw diet two months ago and he is still having soft stools or diarrhea. did you see a vet when coffee had persistent diarrhea?? Also, which vet do you visit currently?
    Would love to hear from you soon

    • Hi Yi Lin So sorry for the late reply! haven’t logged in for quite some time already. i did send my dog to the vet in the beginning but they only treated the symptoms & couldn’t tell me what’s wrong. worse: they told me to stop feeding her raw! i don’t have a regular vet unfortunately. the last vet i consulted was a vet from Canada & i did an online consultation.

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