Coffee – Then & Now

About 2 years ago, Coffee had this incessant problem of scratching her chin & snout, which caused her skin to turn raw & bleed, leading to gradual beard loss. Her fur was growing everywhere, except her beard. I took a photo of her scruffy look then:

Notice her beard area? It wasn’t growing at all. And I didn’t know what was wrong 😦

I started her on some of Dr Dobias’ supplements, New Chapter Fish Oil & a few supps recommended by Dr Dobias, and in a year, I noticed drastic improvements. She scratched her chin alot lesser, her skin has healed & the best part is, her beard has grown back!

Here’s a recent photo of her:

Same scruffy look but looking prettier now with her beard!

I’m really glad that I was able to put her on natural & safe methods to put her on the road to recovery. Yup, it took long but at least I know, I’m doing it the holistically way.


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