The Supplement & Shampoo

Mum blogged about a supplement she bought some time back & she didn’t reveal the name of it as she wanted to see if anyone of us has any allergy reaction to it.

Fortunately, no.

Because we are already on fresh organic raw foods & our general health being are considered average, Mum can’t tell whether it works wonders on us.

As the supplement is meant for humans, Mum adds a pinch to our foods on an average of 3 times a week. She tried eating it too but it tasted horrible, according to her.

Here’s what our Mummy bought:

And the list of ingredients here:


Mummy also been sourcing for other shampoos as the previous Keys Shampoo expired already & she has temporarily used the Neem shampoo. But the neem shampoo contained many other weird ingredients & it left a very strong (albeit nice) smell on us.

So she finally made her purchase for this:


She likes the ingredients listed BUT this shampoo can only be used on the canines. Mum needs to get another one for Haru, because this shampoo has TEA TREE. She’s thinking of getting the KEYS shampoo again, since that’s the favourite by far.


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