New Supplement (AGAIN?!)

Mummy was shopping at one of her favourite organic stores & chanced about a supplement.

She looked through the ingredients & found them to be really good. However, the price of $130+ kind of held her back and several unidentified ingredients which she needed to be sure that they are safe for us to consume, before she makes the decision to purchase it. She didn’t want to buy it only to realise later that it cannot be fed to us, because no one is going to eat it anyway. LOL.

So having googled up on the ingredients, she has decided to buy it. Here’s the label:


Many would have screamed “WAH! are you crazy?! this is so expensive!”

Mummy’s reply “Yes, it is expensive. But money spent can be earned back. But once health is lost, sometimes with all the monies in the world, you may not even be able to get it back.”

So, Mummy would rather spend that money than compromise on our health.

We are currently being given some of our old supps still for the past few months. No adverse reaction so far & we seem to be doing well. Even Mummy’s mama commented Baubles seem so energetic & strong nowadays, nothing like his puppy days where he always appeared sick.


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