>Herbs, Treats and Dulse

>Mummy mixed some organic herbs & made a leave-in conditioner for our bath. There are different mixtures for different purposes.

Here’s one of them:

Takes about 1-1.5hour to make this, including cooling down. Sometimes we end up drinking abit as it’s being poured over our body & head but since it’s herbs, it’s pretty harmless.

It’s the time of the month where Mummy dehydrates treats for us. She’s slowly moving towards turning all our foods organic wherever possible. So now our treats are mostly organic. She dehydrates organic pork for us, since our diet is made up of mostly beef, lamb, chicken, venison & sometimes rabbit.

Here’s a peek at our treats!

Mummy doesn’t dehydrate liver very often as liver cannot be fed in excess to us.

She bought something recently which is to be added to our foods. It’s very similar to kelp.

Organic dulse – it’s red seaweed.

And it looks like this:

As we can’t eat too much of this, Mummy can only sprinkle a wee bit onto our foods. As the seaweed is very soft, Mummy had to dehydrate it to make it crispy & then crush it to become like this:

It tasted salty but actually, dulse has the lowest level of sodium but yet has high level of iodine. And it’s rich in minerals & vitamins as well.

Another healthy food for us both šŸ™‚


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