>Mum has been reading up on stuff to be used on our bodies & she prefers to use natural ingredients.

Vets used to prescribe medicated shampoo, especially for baubles & there have been alot of recommendations on shampoo that leaves dog’s fur nice silky smooth & fragrance that can stay on for a couple of days. There are people who even recommended mum to use head & shoulders on us.

There’s a book that recommends the types of shampoo that should & should not be used on us.

Stop & throw shampoos that contain:
– sodium laurel sulfate
– sodium laureth sulfate
– ammonium laurel sulfate

These are foaming ingredients which are inexpensive and caustic detergents. They lather well but are hard to rinse out. These chemical additives dry the skin and may promote hair loss.

Coconut based shampoos usually use lauric acid, which is chemically extracted from coconut husks and combined with sodium or ammonia. They strip off the protective lipid coatings from the coat & skin. Oatmeal baths are not recommended either as they clog up the pores and may create many kinds of irritation and even outbreaks of pimples or blisters. Lanolin, a product derived from sheep’s wool can coat hair follicles and attract dirt and dust.

Mummy went to dig out the shampoos that she bought and realised that one of them failed the test.

So she will stop using this on us.

As for dogpoo, it doesn’t contain any of the above.

she’ll probably use this once in a while.

Highly recommended natural shampoos should contain pure, simple castile with saponified oils of coconut, jojoba, olive & rosemary. Castile is vegetable based soap. And she found this:

Which one is this? It’s this one lor:


100% pass! So mum will continue to use this shampoo on us!


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