>we think mum is very stress lately, coz she brought back something really strange.

it’s a bottle of liquid, and the packaging reads : Dogpoo

why on earth did she brought back a bottle of dogpoo when she could easily just get it from the 2 of us?

we overheard mum saying the last time that there was one dog owner who had to feed his dog poo, as he was allergic to everything, even vegetables.


we don’t want to eat poo poo.

the strange thing is, it doesn’t look like poo. it looks like pee pee in a bottle.


mum: hello..this is dog shampoo la. and it’s organic herbal shampoo which contains stuff like aloe vera, eucalyptus, tea tree, citronella, calendula..etc etc (too many to list la). and it costs $40 ok!!!!!

fine. why is mum grumbling?

mum: because even my own shampoo & shower gel only costs like 1/4 of that price lor!

but we didn’t ask her to buy what.



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